Samsung Washing Machine Recall Affects Over 660,000 Units

Fire Danger Associated with Samsung Washing Machine Recall

Samsung recently announced a washing machine recall of over 660,00 units due to a fire hazard. The company had gotten 51 reports saying that smoking, overheating, melting or fire had been reported. They issued the recall saying that it was due to the potential of the machines short-circuiting and overheating, which could cause a fire hazard. 

What Washers Were Affected

Seven different models of the top-load washers are affected that include a super speed as follows:

  • WA49B
  • WA50B
  • WA51A
  • WA52A
  • WA54A
  • WA55A

The units affected by the washing machine recall came in black, white, ivory and champagne. Fourteen different models were recalled, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission website offers the serial numbers, so consumers can check to see if their washing machine is listed. Most of these washers were carried by big box retailers, including the following: Costco, Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Home Depot. The sales of these recalled washers were between June 2021 and December 2022.

Consumers Warned Not to Use the Washers Until the Software Is Updated

Samsung says the fire hazard can be addressed through a software update and that those owning these machines should check to see if their washers were updated. If their machine wasn’t updated, the consumer should not use the washing machine until a software update has been performed. Because these washing machines use wi-fi, those who are affected by the washing machine recall should automatically receive a download of the software repair when they go on the internet. 

Checking for Software Updates Following Washing Machine Recall

Those without internet service can go to Samsung to obtain the software repair. Instructions are provided on how to find the serial number and model of your machine, as well as directions on how to upload the software to avoid the potential fire hazard.

Fire Hazards Caused by Defective Appliances

Defective appliances pose a significant safety risk in the home. They may cause fires, which can lead to extensive structural damage and loss of life. To ensure everyone’s safety, it is essential to inspect all appliances regularly for signs of malfunction or defects that could increase their fire hazard level.

If a defect is detected, immediately stop using the appliance and contact a qualified technician or an appliance repair service. Do not attempt to repair defective appliances yourself as this may put you at risk of electric shock or further exacerbate fire hazards.

Additionally, ensure that your home is equipped with a fully functional smoke alarm and fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. Have regular maintenance checks to ensure that these appliances are working properly and replace batteries at least once a year.  Taking these simple steps can help protect you from the dangers posed by defective appliances.

Recovering Compensation if You Were Burned in a Fire Caused by a Defective Appliance

If you have been burned in a fire caused by a defective appliance, an injury lawyer may be able to assist you in receiving fair compensation. They will investigate to determine who is liable for your injuries and subsequent financial losses and develop a legal strategy based on their findings.

Your lawyer will guide you through filing a product liability claim against the responsible parties and work diligently to negotiate a settlement that covers your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and any other damages related to the incident. They will also help you understand your legal rights and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the process.

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