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Driver Blames Tesla AutoPilot for Crash

Driver Blames Tesla Autopilot for Crash

Driver Blames Tesla Autopilot for Crash

Driver Blames Tesla Autopilot for Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney. Crashes involving cars that are driving in autonomous mode are becoming increasingly prevalent. Many questions are being raised as to who is responsible for accidents involving this new area of technology.

Products Liability

Products Liability is an area of personal injury law in which manufacturers, distributors, retailers, suppliers and others who make products sold to consumers are held accountable and responsible for the injuries those products cause.


Crash Involving Tesla Model S – Autopilot System

  • A woman driving a Tesla Model S is pointing the finger at the company’s autonomous driving system for a traffic collision she had recently on Interstate 5 in California.
  • Tesla has stated the Autopilot system operated properly and disputes the woman’s claim.

Driver or Technology At Fault?

Most people know that drivers aren’t perfect. We also know that computers aren’t perfect either!

What Happened?

  • The woman said she was driving along Interstate 5 with the Tesla Model S Autopilot system engaged.
  • A car in front of her stopped suddenly.
  • She said she assumed the Autopilot system would respond by applying pressure to her brakes, but it did not.
  • By the time she responded and applied her brakes it was too late.
  • She rear-ended the car in front of her.
  • The woman indicated that she thinks the Autopilot was responsible for her April 26 crash.

Was Anyone Injured?

No. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

What Does Tesla Have to Say About the Crash?

  • Tesla stated the car’s data log proves Autopilot was not at fault.
  • Data from the device showed that the woman was touching her brake pedal.
  • Tesla’s position seems to be the woman’s braking was performed before she attempted to fully bring her car to a stop.
  • Tesla stated that their manual control inputs will deactivate the automated system.
  • Tesla data indicated the woman tapped her brake pedal before the crash.
  • Touching the brake could have shut down Autopilot inadvertently.

Tesla states that they are properly advising and educating their consumers on the safe use of this and other technologies. They maintain it is up to the driver to remain attentive, alert and always ready to take over control of the vehicle.

Autonomous Cars Aren’t Science Fiction Anymore

Autonomous or driverless vehicles aren’t science fiction anymore. They are here and probably here to stay. These vehicles may really help those who are unable to drive. This includes senior citizens (with diminished driving capabilities) and people with disabilities. There are many other types of drivers utilizing these cars as well.

WATCH: Youtube Video – Granny on Tesla’s Autopilot Mode. Take a moment to watch this video which includes a senior citizen going on a test drive in a Tesla Model S while in the Autopilot mode. Note: This is not the woman who crashed on Interstate 5.

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