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Fiat Chrysler Announces Recall Due to Cruise Control Glitch

Fiat Chrysler Announces Recall Due to Cruise Control Glitch

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento auto product liability lawyer. Fiat Chrysler announced that it is scheduling a recall of almost five million cars from the United States market. The recall is due to a software glitch that can make it impossible for the driver to disengage the cruise control. This results in a driver being unable to control the speed of their vehicle, possibly leading to severe accidents. This recall is another example of software dysfunction during a period where it is being used more frequently to take over safety functions. This is the first time the company has issued a large recall since one was announced two years ago. That recall involved 4.3 million automobiles with air bag-related issues. The company was fined penalties of $175 million in 2015 for other safety issues.

Hyundai Seatbelt Recall

I’m Ed Smith, a Tracy car accident lawyer. The Korean automaker, Hyundai, has recently issued a safety recall for nearly one million of their vehicles on the roadway today. The reason being that there may be a defect in the seatbelt component of the vehicle. This may bring a concern for safety for occupants riding in the vehicle in the incident of an automobile accident.

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