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Prosthetic Limbs for Amputation Recovery

Prosthetic Limbs for Amputation Recovery

I’m Ed Smith, an Amputation Attorney in Sacramento. Within the world of serious injuries, some have the potential to be life-changing events that take an enormous amount of time to recover from. Because of the stress that these events can create for a family, there has been a tremendous amount of research into these injuries. One of the focuses of research in recent years has been on amputation injuries, which can have a significant impact on someone’s overall quality of life.

Amputation Disease Complications

Amputation Disease Complications

I’m Ed Smith, an Amputation Attorney in Sacramento. Someone can suffer an amputation in numerous ways; however, no matter how someone sustains this serious injury, it is always a life-changing experience for not only the individual but also their family. Therefore, it is important to try and prevent these injuries from happening in the first place. An understanding of how an amputation might develop is an important first step.

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After an Amputation: How do Prosthetics Work?

I’m Ed Smith, an Amputation Attorney in Sacramento. Over the past few decades, many new tools and devices have been produced that can make life easier for someone who has suffered an amputation. One of the tools available to the individual and the family is a prosthetic limb. Once thought to be only seen in science fiction, prosthetic limbs play a prominent role in life following an amputation. Just how do they work?

Honda Walking Assist Device

I’d like to talk to you today about the Honda Walking Assist Device and how this robotic product is helping many folks move from total disability to life-changing mobility. This is great news for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to a serious accident.

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