Amputation Disease Complications

Amputation Disease Complications

Amputation Disease Complications

I’m Ed Smith, an Amputation Attorney in Sacramento. Someone can suffer an amputation in numerous ways; however, no matter how someone sustains this serious injury, it is always a life-changing experience for not only the individual but also their family. Therefore, it is important to try and prevent these injuries from happening in the first place. An understanding of how an amputation might develop is an important first step.

Trauma Leading to an Amputation

Without a doubt, one of the most commons ways that someone could sustain an amputation is by suffering a traumatic injury. This can occur as a result of a serious car accident. For example, if someone has the window down when a rollover accident occurs, it is easy to see how someone could get their arm or hand pinned underneath the vehicle as it rolls several times. Through this manner, someone could have their arm ripped off by the pavement that the car rolls over. Someone could also lose a limb at the knee or hip while performing manual labor, such as in a blacksmithing shop or a carpentry center. No matter how an amputation injury occurs, it is typically catastrophic in nature. While the traumatic injury is one way that someone could lose an arm or a leg to amputation, there are others ways that this can happen as well.

Disease can Lead to an Amputation

While there has been an impressive number of advancements made in the field of amputation injuries, certain chronic medical conditions continue to persist as anchors that prevent the medical field from truly conquering some of the most common diseases. Specifically, diabetes and peripheral vascular disease have the potential to lead to amputations, as these are some of the most common complications of these very diseases. When someone has diseases of the heart or blood vessels, these can obstruct the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the extremities. When this obstruction occurs, it can cause the nerves in these limbs to misfire or stop functioning altogether, a complication called peripheral neuropathy. People may not feel the pain in their limbs that they otherwise could and this pain will eventually lead to the development of ulcers. These ulcers can become infected, leading to a limb amputation as a result. It is important for people to control their diet and exercise regularly to prevent these diseases and their complications from occurring.

Stress Following Amputation Injuries

It can be a challenge for a family to care for a loved one who has suffered an amputation. They may suffer from mental challenges including depression as they try to cope with life following this serious injury. In addition, the follow-up appointments and equipment can be expensive. For families looking for help, it is a good idea to sit down and speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about the options available to them.

Watch Youtube Video – The Journey Part 2 – Stories of Hope for New Amputees. This video discusses getting up after amputation surgery. It covers getting up and out of bed, physical therapy and coping with the emotions involved when someone loses a limb. The video answers a lot of common questions.

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