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Limb Loss Injuries

Limb Loss Injuries

Limb Loss Injuries

Limb Loss Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento amputation injury lawyer. The unexpected loss of a leg, arm, foot or hand is a traumatic experience that will forever change your life. Every year in California hundreds of people lose a limb or other appendage. Some amputations, like losing a fingertip through a workplace injury, can cause terrible discomfort, bleeding and inconvenience. In time, people who lose toes and fingers can learn to adapt in its absence and their life generally does not change that much. Other amputations, such as losing a leg or an arm in an auto accident, usually leads to significant trauma, shock, blood loss, infection and sometimes even death. Sadly, the loss of a limb completely changes the life of the victim. Major accommodations will need to be made to the person’s home and work environment. They may even have to change the type of job they do depending on their occupation. Most of these catastrophic injuries are permanent and cause significant changes to the life of the victim and their family members.

Common Causes of Limb Loss

Even though factory workers and farm workers are at increased risk for amputation injuries, car and motorcycle collisions are also common causes of severe injuries that result in limb amputations. Other causes of amputation injuries include chainsaws, manual saws, lawnmowers and other power tools. In many cases, accidents of this nature occur because of defects in design or a lack of safety features. When this happens, it is called a “product liability”. These claims focus on the manufacturers and distributors of unsafe and/or defective products. Amputations resulting from an unsafe or defective product require a complete and thorough inspection of the product, including a close review of its safety history if one is considering taking legal action.

Treatment of Amputation Injuries

Having a limb amputated can be life-altering and costly. It often involves prosthetic replacement of lost limbs or digits, mobility devices such as wheelchairs, ongoing physical therapy and training as well as modifications to work and home environments.

Our injury lawyers have assembled a team of qualified experts who work together with us to determine and calculate your current and future damages suffered as a result of an amputation. This will often include (but is not limited to) the following expenses:

  • Prosthetic devices
  • Psychological counseling
  • Physical and mental rehabilitative therapy
  • Residential modifications
  • Replacement of prosthetic and other mobility devices as they wear our over time
  • Occupational and career training
  • Life care plans for your amputation injury and its effects on your own life and that of your family
  • Life-long care costs, in terms of money, time, and any changes in your ability to earn a living or changes in job status

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