Amputation Injuries: Honda Walking Assist Device

Amputation Injuries: Honda Walking Assist Device

Honda Walking Assist Device

Amputation Injuries: Honda Walking Assist Device

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Amputation Injury Attorney. I’d like to talk to you today about the Honda Walking Assist Device and how this robotic product is helping many folks move from total disability to life-changing mobility. This is great news for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to a serious accident.

About Honda

Honda is the single largest producer of internal combustion engines in the world. From this innovative manufacturer also came the development of Honda garden machinery. In 2015, Honda rolled out the development of robotics products that have proven to be powerful tools designed for human assistance.

Robotic Device Can Assist Those With Amputation Injuries

Honda’s robotic device is used for walking rehabilitation under the supervision of your doctor and/or therapist. It’s based on what is called the inverted pendulum model. It’s a theory of bipedal walking and is equipped with two motors that help lift the leg in the area of the thigh as it moves backward and forward. This extends the users stride and assists them walk faster and further. To learn more about this innovative device that is redefining how we view leg prostheses.

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Device Creates Visualizations Graphics For Medical Personnel 

Honda’s Walking Assist Device measures your walking patterns and training sessions on an automated tablet. This gives visualization graphics to assist your medical professionals. The device features a belt-like design which makes it easier for users to put it on and off. It has adjustable frames so it can fit on anyone.

Honda’s Walking Assist Device Boasts Three Training Modes

  • Following Mode – Honda’s Walking Assist Device mimics the user’s own walking motions based on his or her own walking patterns;
  • Symmetric Mode – Considering  the walking patterns of the person using the device, Honda’s Walking Assist Device powers the user to achieve symmetric motions bilaterraly, such as exending and bending both legs.
  • Step Mode – Honda’s Walking Assist Device helps the user’s steps repeatedly recover what’s called the rocker functions which make for a smooth shifting of weight.

Honda’s Walking Assist Device went into the development stage in 1999. Since 2013, at least 50 medical facilities throughout Japan have helped test the device. A limited number of devices have been tried and tested, helping Honda refine the amazing device over the years. Now the product is available for use for those residing in the United States.

Take a moment to to read about the uplifting stories of courage and victory as people who were once disabled find themselves in a whole new frame of mobility thanks to these robotics products by Honda.

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