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Amputation Repair Complications

Complications with Amputation Surgery

When someone needs to have surgery to repair an injury or fix a disease process, there are always risks that people need to consider. Some of these risks could occur during the procedure while others may not show up until after the operation is finished. Regardless, there are problems that people need to contend with during and after the repair of an amputation.

Limb Loss Support Groups

Support groups have flourished over the years including for limb loss injury victims. Support groups provide many benefits for individuals and have become an integral part of rehabilitation for many people coping with an injury including amputees. Support groups provide vital information about how to cope with a particular illness or injury and provide invaluable emotional support.

The Million Dollar Man: Lifetime Cost of Prosthetics

The Million Dollar Man: Lifetime Cost of Prosthetics

As a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento since 1982, I’ve often had occasion to represent people who have lost a limb due to trauma. Inevitably, people who have suffered an amputation are left with extreme physical, emotional and financial problems.

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