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People Scrambled to Pick Up Loose Cash off the Freeway  

The weather forecast in California can be unpredictable. It was raining recently, but instead of water, it was cash. Money rained down on Interstate 5 after two money bags fell out of an armored truck Friday morning. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the freeway was completely shut down when drivers got out of their vehicles to scoop up fistfuls of the bills, mainly $1 and $20.

Shortage Of Truckers Causing Problems for Americans

Having good, competent truck drivers is essential to our nation’s economy because most of the goods we eat are transported by truckers on our highways. However, our country is currently facing a truck driver shortage. It is one of the biggest concerns for the trucking industry.

Common Truck Maintenance Issues

Truck maintenance is an incredibly important part of vehicle ownership. Neglecting truck maintenance can lead to severe accidents. For this reason, it is vital for truck owners and their drivers to make sure their vehicles are up to date on their maintenance. First, proper maintenance will reduce the amount of wear and tear on the engine, extending the life of the vehicle. Second, maintenance allows experts to identify potential issues with the truck before they start to cause serious problems, preventing costly repairs. Finally, it is better to maintain the vehicle than to watch it fall apart while in motion. If a truck starts to have issues in the middle of the road, it places everyone else in harm’s way. There are a few common truck maintenance issues that can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents.


Bees Swarm After Truck Accident on I-80

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville truck accident lawyer(916) 921-6400. A November 2 single vehicle crash along Interstate 80 resulted in bees being released along the roadway. Traffic was closed down in the vicinity of the crash while the bees were killed by spraying them with soapy water.


September 11 Truck Accident Closes Westbound Lanes of I-80

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville truck accident lawyer. An accident on September 11 occurred along I-80 between a semitruck hauling lumber and an SUV close to Cisco Grove, east of Emigrant Gap, caused the closure of the lanes heading west. It took several hours for crews to remove debris and the damaged vehicles.

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