Minor Injuries Occur in Roseville Underride Truck Accident 

Sedan Involved in Underride Truck Accident at I-80 Ramp

An underride truck accident in Roseville occurred on the freeway on March 30, resulting in minor injuries. The accident happened on westbound I-80 at the Atlantic Street off-ramp around 12:19 p.m. It was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that the incident involved a big rig and a Toyota Camry. 

Authorities Determining Fault in Underride Truck Accident

The sedan was reported as being sideways underneath the semi. However, both vehicles were soon removed to the right-hand side. The CHP investigated the incident to determine which driver was at fault and how the collision happened.

Override and Underride Accidents

A big rig accident involving an underride or override is one of the most dangerous collisions with these large vehicles. Passenger vehicle fatalities are common. The fatality crashes caused by big rigs hauling long trailers can differ from those caused by other motor vehicles.

Driver Negligence Can Lead to an Underride Accident

All drivers must exercise caution around semi-trucks and adhere to the rules of the road—especially when yielding and stopping at appropriate times. Drivers must also maintain a safe speed around semi-trucks, as larger trucks require more distance to stop and maneuver than smaller vehicles. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings when driving near a semi, take extra precautions in blind spots, and avoid tailgating or attempting to pass one on the highway because it might lead to an underride truck accident.

By following these safety tips, drivers can reduce their risk of causing an underride truck accident involving a semi. Taking responsibility for your actions and driving with caution is the best way to prevent a tragedy from occurring.

Underride-Related Accidents

When traveling too closely behind a tractor-trailer, a motorist can pass underneath it from the rear. It is common for these accidents to result in fatalities. An underride accident can be caused by negligence on the part of a truck driver in the following situations:

  • Trucks with nonfunctional rear lights may not be noticed by motorists as it slows or stops.
  • Underride protection is not on the truck, or the rails that prevent this type of accident may be too old to protect those who might hit it.
  • Reflective dirty or missing tape prevents motorists from seeing the truck, especially if it is parked on the side of the road after dark.
  • Drivers cannot see parked trucks along the roadside shoulder because there is no lighting.
  • No flares or warning signs indicated that the truck was parked along the roadside, as required by law.
  • A trucker fails to use their turn signal while changing lanes.
  • A traffic slowdown causes the trucker to brake hard, which doesn’t give enough warning to a motorist following behind.

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