Common Truck Maintenance Problems Can Cause Accidents

Common Truck Maintenance Issues

Truck maintenance is an incredibly important part of vehicle ownership. Neglecting truck maintenance can lead to severe accidents. For this reason, it is vital for truck owners and their drivers to make sure their vehicles are up to date on their maintenance. First, proper maintenance will reduce the amount of wear and tear on the engine, extending the life of the vehicle. Second, maintenance allows experts to identify potential issues with the truck before they start to cause serious problems, preventing costly repairs. Finally, it is better to maintain the vehicle than to watch it fall apart while in motion. If a truck starts to have issues in the middle of the road, it places everyone else in harm’s way. There are a few common truck maintenance issues that can lead to serious motor vehicle accidents.

Forgetting to Rotate and Replace the Tires

The tires are essential for the stability of a truck, however, they are often overlooked. Remember, a semi-truck has far more tires than a typical sedan. This is for a good reason. Semi-trucks carry tons of material from place to place. To protect this inventory, as well as the driver, truck operators must keep their tires in good shape. This means rotating the tires as instructed and replacing them when the treads start to wear down.

Information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides clear guidelines for those who operate commercial vehicles, instructing them how and when to rotate and change their tires. If even a single tire is in poor condition, this can create a dangerous situation on the road. It is the responsibility of the truck driver, the truck owner, and any relevant safety personnel to make sure tires are rotated and replaced on time.

The Importance of Truck Lights

While lights might seem like extra bells and whistles, they are actually a critical safety feature. These lights allow both the truck driver and other drivers on the road to see each other. A big rig truck is going to have lights ringing the cabin and the trailer, allowing for the highest level of visibility possible. During the day, these lights might seem decorative, however, at night, truck lights are lifesaving.

The FMCSA also prints clear rules and regulations regarding the necessity of working lights. Situations that involve fog, smoke, and precipitation are incredibly dangerous for truck drivers and require lights to be in good working condition. Finally, when trucks pull off to the side of the road, their emergency flashers also need to be functioning.

Truck Maintenance Includes the Brakes

Brakes are clearly critical for the safety of everyone. Cars are already heavy, some weighing close to 5,000 pounds. Brake maintenance is essential for cars. Now, think about a fully loaded semi-truck that weighs more than 50,000 pounds. It takes tremendous brake power to stop this vehicle. Brakes are fundamentally different on trucks and are that much more critical.

Truck braking problems are one of the most common causes of rear-end accidents where the truck runs into the back of a sedan. Truck drivers and owners need to make sure brake pads, fluids, and the system is functioning as required with regular maintenance. Truck maintenance involving brakes can save lives.

Watch YouTube Video: Changing Brakes on a Big Truck. This video provides informative tips on how to change brakes on big trucks.

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