Federal Express Truck and Car Collide in Roseville

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January 21, 2016
Edward Smith

Fed Ex Truck and Car Collide in Roseville

Federal Express Truck and Car Collide in Roseville

  • The individual driving the car in this accident may have been distracted moments before crashing into the Federal Express truck.  

What Happened?

A crash between a FedEx truck and a car shut down a bridge located at Sierra Street in the city of Roseville. The incident happened just before dark on Friday, January 15, 2016. Early reports suggest that the driver of a 2005 Ford Taurus may have been distracted just moments before impact. The cause of this accident is under investigation.

What Kind of Injuries?

Roseville Police Department indicated that both drivers suffered only minor injuries in this crash. They were each taken to the hospital and treated for their minor injuries.

Scene of the Accident

Witnesses in the area of this accident or anyone who viewed the KCRA3 Live Helicopter footage would assume the driver of the automobile was seriously injured. Because, the 2005 Ford Taurus was underneath the Federal Express truck.  It was quite a spectacle.  If early reports are true, that the accident may have been caused by driver distraction, this is a difficult way to experience the consequences of inattentiveness.

Examples of Distracted Driving

Driving distracted is self-explanatory. However, we will list some of the more common examples of it:

  • Texting or performing any other phone functions while driving
  • Eating while driving
  • Looking for something in the car while driving
  • Tending to children while driving
  • Arguing with a passenger while driving
  • Watching a video while driving
  • Adjusting your radio while driving
  • Applying make up or any other personal hygiene activity while driving

WATCH Youtube Video: Dear Mom and Dad – Distracted Driving Video, by MissHaily88. In this compelling video you will hear a daughter apologizing for the pain and sorrow she has caused her family. The young woman was distracted while driving. She explains how she was raised to know better than this. That her loving parents took much time to instill into her the dangers of distracted driving. Despite the many warnings, the girl drove distracted and lost her life. Her final request to her parents was to discourage distracted driving and do that in her memory. Note: This video is not too graphic. But, some may find it disturbing.

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Source: KCRA3 FedEx truck crash cleared, Roseville Bridge open

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