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Grieving Following Fatal Placerville Accidents

Even though saying goodbye to a friend or family member after they pass away is a natural part of life, it can still be very difficult. Learning how to continue with your life without the presence and support of your loved one can be confusing and takes time. However, this process can be even harder if a person’s death was caused by a fatal accident. Fatal accidents happen without any warning and the loved ones of those who have passed away not only have to deal with a sudden and massive change in their lives but have to recover emotionally knowing that the incident could have been prevented. The blog below contains helpful information about the grieving process after wrongful death accidents.

What is Wrongful Death?

Grieving After Fatal Car Accidents

Even though death is a natural part of life, the loss of a person you love can be extremely hard to deal with emotionally. People who’ve recently lost a close friend or member of their family are often overcome with difficult feelings of anger, confusion, fatigue, sadness, and more. These feelings can be even harder to process when you know that the death of your loved one happened because of a preventable accident. Knowing that your loved one was taken from you because of a negligent driver, product manufacturer, employer, or another responsible party can be the hardest part of dealing with a wrongful death case. While a person you love can never be replaced, there are a few ways that people can make the process of grieving easier to manage.

Taking Your Time


Concord Pedestrian Accident Kills Placerville Woman

I’m Ed Smith, a Placerville wrongful death lawyer. A Placerville woman was walking in Concord during the evening hours of Sunday, March 19, 2017. Sadly, the woman was struck by an oncoming vehicle which caused her to suffer fatal injuries.

What Happened?