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Complications of a Colles Fracture

Whenever someone gets behind the wheel of a car, it is essential to place safety first. An auto accident can occur at any time, and these collisions have the potential to lead to serious injuries and even death. One of the most common injuries that people suffer in a motor vehicle accident is a bone fracture. Like the accidents themselves, bone fractures can also range widely in their severity. According to statistics that were recently published in the Journal of Trauma:

Contusion of the Occipital Lobe

Car accidents take the lives of too many people every year. Even for those who survive, serious injuries could leave family members with lifelong complications. This is the situation with traumatic brain injuries. Some of the statistics regarding brain injuries that have been published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDChave shown that:

What is an Oblique Bone Fracture?

Injuries can happen even in minor auto accidents. Therefore, it is important to understand how to stay safe. Even though motor vehicle safety has been a focus in recent years, car accidents are still too common. According to some of the statistics that have been published by Statista:

Smart Devices and Distracted Driving

Many teenagers look forward to getting their driver’s license. Even though most teens think about the larger degree of independence that comes with a car, this also comes with an added degree of responsibility. These responsibilities include keeping up with the maintenance of a vehicle, possessing car insurance, and refraining from texting or using a cell phone while driving. Unfortunately, it isn’t just teenagers that use cell phones while driving. According to the website Teen Safe:

Developing Scoliosis from an Auto Accident

Cars are dangerous and can result in fatalities in the event of a car accident. For those who have been involved in a severe car crash and survive, they could wind up with serious, permanent complications as a result of their injuries. Sometimes, these injuries can involve the spinal cord which can lead to serious quality of life issues.

New Treatment Options for Aortic Aneurysms

A car accident can happen at any time, and these could lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. Because of this, everyone needs to know about the risk factors that could increase the chances of being involved in an auto accident. Some of these accidents can lead to severe injuries like an aortic aneurysm, which can be a life-threatening emergency.

Paralysis Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Over the past few years, the brain has received a lot of attention. This makes sense because many of the neurological injuries that people can sustain are permanent. Therefore, a lot of research dollars have been thrown in the direction of traumatic brain injuries, resulting in new diagnostic and treatment modalities. Some of the statistics on traumatic brain injuries that were recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have shown that:

Femoral Shaft Fractures Can Cause Knee Injuries

Car accidents can lead to severe injuries. One of these is a fracture of the femoral shaft. When the femoral shaft has been broken, some different complications could result from this injury. Some of these include:

Tendon Rupture in a Car Accident

Car accidents are a serious problem in the United States and are one of the leading causes of death across all age groups. When people make the decision to drive, they take on the risk that an auto accident could happen at any time. There are many reasons why car wrecks might occur and just as many injuries can happen as a result. Some of the statistics on collisions that have been published by the Association for Safe International Road Travel include:

What is Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma?

Cancer has received a tremendous amount of focus from the medical community in recent years. The longer people live, the more likely it is that someone will develop cancer. As the average life-expectancy grows, cancer will only become more common. Because of this, it is important for everyone to understand some information about the different types of cancer. According to statistics that have been published by the National Cancer Institute (NCI):