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Golf cart rollover accidents are actually fairly frequent occurrences and are known to cause severe injury. Golf cart rollover accidents can result in fatality especially in cases of passenger ejection.  Fatalities are the highest among children.

A study conducted by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System from 1990 to 2006 indicates that during that time period there were 147,696 separate incidents of injury while on a golf cart.  This study did not include fatalities from golf cart rollovers.

Children can be injured in playing or watching the game of golf. The worst injuries are golf-related head injuries in which a ball or the club can strike the child in the head, resulting in severe injuries to the skull and brain. The ball is essentially a large missile that can cause a comminuted skull fracture or a depressed skull fracture. This can cause bleeding within the brain or a hematoma outside of the brain but beneath the skull.

Recently, researchers have reported an increase in golf-related head injuries involving children, especially adolescents. The researchers have found a unique pattern of traumatic brain injury particularly associated with a swinging club. In the study, the researchers describe the mechanism of this injury and show how they managed to treat these types of injuries.

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