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Employer Liability for a Car Accident

Employer liability for an employee’s car accident can occur when the worker is using their personal vehicle for work-related purposes. Today, many businesses, including home delivery of fast food, rely on their employee using their own vehicle. An employee may use their own vehicle to go from one destination to another for company business. This changes the dynamics of liability if the employee has an accident. The employer now becomes liable for costs emanating from the accident as long as the employee was on the job when it happened. There are restrictions to this, and not everything is covered. Let’s look at an employer’s liability in such situations and what is and isn’t covered.

Many employees drive company vehicles either to and from work or for specific company related tasks. Wrongful death claims can be brought against a driver’s employer if the negligent act of the employee occurred in the scope of employment. For this reason, it is vital in every wrongful death case to have only a wrongful death attorney investigate whether the negligent driver was in the scope of employment.

Employer Liability for Employee Actions

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