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Carmichael Single-Vehicle Crash

A Carmichael single-vehicle crash happened on December 23, 2018, at around 3:00 pm along westbound El Camino Avenue and Walnut Avenue when a Volvo minivan ran a red light and crashed into a traffic pole. An ambulance was called for the driver, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). However, no information has been released yet on the driver’s identity or physical condition.

Warning Needed for Median Curb in Carmichael

Warning Needed for Median Curb in Carmichael

I’m Ed Smith, a Carmichael personal injury lawyer. A dangerous median curb in Carmichael has local residents contacting the county about the numerous accidents there. According to the Sacramento County Department of Transportation (SACDOT), it has plans to paint the curb a bright color, and add reflective posts to address the problem. Improvements have been delayed due to weather problems but are expected to be addressed in the coming weeks.


Understanding the Car Recall Process

I’m Ed Smith, a Carmichael car accident lawyer. Every year, cars are recalled due to safety defects. When your car is recalled, there are steps you need to take. While a recall is not something to necessarily  be alarmed about, it is an alert that your vehicle could be safer than it is.