Head-On Car Collision Causes Severe Injuries in Carmichael

Walnut Avenue in Carmichael Scene of Multiple Injury Accident

A head-on car collision in Carmichael seriously injured two adults and three children on December 29. The accident happened around 5:26 p.m. along Walnut Avenue between Robertson Avenue and Kinross Road, as reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The accident involved a Honda CRV and a Nissan Montero. 

Two People Suffer Critical Injuries in Head-On Car Collision

According to officials in the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, two people involved in the collision suffered critical injuries. The other three reportedly suffered serious injuries. All of Walnut Avenue was shut down while the injured were attended to and the scene investigated.

Accident Being Investigated to Determine Fault

Both of the vehicles sustained front-end damage as a result of the head-on car collision. The accident is being investigated by authorities to determine which driver was at fault. No additional information has been released yet on the conditions of those who were injured in the crash.

Injuries in a Head-On Car Collision

Even at lower speeds, injuries can be severe when a head-on car collision occurs. This happens because the speeds of both of the vehicles combine upon impact. Some of the more common injuries in a head-on car collision include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: When a vehicle comes to an abrupt stop in the impact of a traffic accident, the bodies of the people inside continue moving. When an individual inside strikes the steering wheel, dash or windshield, it can result in a TBI. Although a TBI may range from a concussion that heals with time, brain hemorrhage, skull fracture, motor deficits, and sensory disorders may result. More serious TBIs can require extensive hospitalization, surgeries, and a long recuperative period to treat. In some, the cognitive and other changes become permanent.
  • Spinal cord trauma: Damage to the spinal cord can result in temporary or permanent paralysis. When spinal cord trauma causes permanent paralysis, it can lead to long hospitalization and the need for home health care afterward.
  • Broken bones: Broken bones can represent simple breaks or complex ones, which can require plates and pins to repair. A more complicated break can take a much longer time to heal, while crush injuries may necessitate amputation.
  • Abdominal injuries: From internal bleeding to organ damage such as to the spleen, intestines, or liver, abdominal injuries often require emergency surgery to repair because they are life-threatening.

Seeking Advice From a Personal Injury Lawyer

When serious accident injuries occur, the injured party often faces long hospitalization, loss of work and is forced to deal with their pain and suffering. An injury attorney can help recover both the economic and non-economic losses. By filing a claim against the at-fault party, the injured person can concentrate on healing without the added stress of being crushed by hospital bills and other losses. Among the damages that can be recovered are:

  • All medical expenses can be recovered, including hospitalization, ambulance, tests, surgeries, physicians’ bills, and rehabilitation. If the injury continues into the future, those costs are factored into the settlement.
  • Lost wages, including bonuses, insurance, pension, and others can be recovered. If the injured party has to take a lower-paying job because of their injury when they go back to work or become permanently disabled, those costs are factored into the settlement as well.
  • Non-economic losses: Non-economic losses are those that do not have an exact monetary value. They include the recovery of compensation for physical, psychological, and emotional pain and suffering such as loss of consortium.

Carmichael Car Accident Lawyer

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