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Blunt Aortic Injury

Blunt Aortic Injury

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer. Most people who sustain a major injury to the aorta during a blunt aortic injury die instantly.  Of those who survive to make it to the hospital, many die during the initial management of the condition and don’t make it to surgery.  Hemorrhage from other nearby veins or rib fractures, vertebral fractures, or sternal fractures can mimic an aortic injury.  Most aortic injuries are tears straight across the aorta with smooth edges.  The injury can be as slight as a tear of the inner lining of the aorta to a complete transection of the aorta. Sometimes these injuries may be called cardiac contusions.

As a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer, I’ve seen my fair share of these tragic injuries. The blunt aortic injury is the most lethal of all chest trauma injuries.  The major risk factors include the following:

  • Being in the front seat
  • Being older than age 60
  • Not wearing a seat belt restraint
  • Front or near-side motor vehicle crashes
  • Abrupt deceleration injury
  • Crushed vehicle
  • Intrusion into the passenger space
  • Being hit by an SUV

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