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Mine Shaft Explosion in Placer County Injures Two Workers

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July 10, 2024
Edward Smith

Two Workers Critically Injured in Mosquito Ridge Road Mine Shaft Explosion

Two individuals sustained critical injuries recently following an explosion inside a Placer County mine shaft on July 5, according to fire officials. The incident was reported at about  9:40 a.m. at a mine located along Mosquito Ridge Road inside the Tahoe National Forest, according to the Foresthill Fire Protection District. Responders from the multiple fire district stations attended the scene after the explosion was reported. 

Mine Shaft Explosion Critically Injures Two Workers

Upon arrival, firefighters found the two critically injured workers who had been in the mine during the explosion, officials said. Medics administered initial care on-site before transporting the injured individuals to a nearby landing zone, from where they were airlifted to Sutter Roseville Medical Center. No additional information about the injured workers has been provided. 

Using the Wrong Tools May Have Caused the Mine Shaft Explosion

Further investigation by fire officials suggested that tools used in the mine might have generated static electricity, which ignited nearby explosives. According to the Foresthill Fire District, the mine’s current status remains uncertain as the mine shaft has yet to be inspected.

Examples of Non-Static Tools

To mitigate the risks associated with static electricity that can lead to a mine shaft explosion, it is essential to use tools specifically designed to be non-static. Some examples of such tools include:

  • Static-dissipative hand tools: These are made from materials that dissipate static electricity safely and effectively. Tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches crafted from static-dissipative materials help minimize the risk of static accumulation.
  • Anti-static brushes: These brushes are made from conductive fibers that help prevent the buildup of static charge. They are crucial in areas where dust accumulation is significant and needs to be managed without generating static.
  • Non-sparking tools: While primarily designed to prevent sparks, these tools are commonly made from metals like bronze, brass, or copper-beryllium alloys that do not generate static electricity. Examples include hammers, chisels, and pry bars.
  • Conductive mats and flooring: While not a handheld tool, conductive mats and flooring play an essential role in maintaining a static-free environment in areas where miners work frequently. These surfaces help in grounding the workers and their tools, preventing static charge buildup and a potential mine shaft explosion.

Regulations on Non-Static Tools

Regulations surrounding using non-static tools in mining operations are stringent due to the high risk of catastrophic incidents associated with static electricity. Authorities such as the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) in the United States and similar regulatory bodies worldwide enforce specific guidelines to ensure safe handling and usage of tools in hazardous environments. For instance, MSHA regulations mandate that all tools used in potentially explosive atmospheres must adhere to anti-static and non-sparking standards.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim Outside of Workers’ Comp

Injured workers in the mining industry typically rely on workers’ compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost wages. However, there are specific circumstances under which an injured worker might opt to file a personal injury claim instead. However, in California, the injured worker may go outside workers’ comp if the employer did something intentionally that led to the trauma. A personal injury claim can potentially offer more substantial compensation, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, and punitive damages.

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