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When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Sacramento Accident

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March 17, 2023
Edward Smith

Call a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

Not every motor vehicle collision case requires a call to a personal injury lawyer serving Sacramento, California. However, it is recommended to reach out to an attorney after a traffic collision involving bodily injury and losses to receive advice on how to move forward in such a situation.

If an injured person has mounting medical expenses, has been out of work for a while due to recovery from crash-related injuries, or is facing difficulties with insurers, it is crucial to call a skilled Sacramento personal injury lawyer immediately. At, we proudly offer free consultations anytime.

When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento

If you are involved in a small fender bender and did not suffer injuries, you may not need a lawyer. Insurance carriers generally make the process straightforward for property damage claims. For cases involving traumatic injuries, it is recommended that injured parties contact an experienced California accident attorney for assistance. An injured individual may require an injury lawyer after a motor vehicle collision if:

  • There are traumatic injuries involved
  • There are disputes regarding liability for the incident
  • The roadway accident was caused by a hit-and-run driver
  • The insurance carrier is requesting a signature for a release
  • The insurer is making the personal injury claims process difficult
  • The injured party’s vehicle was badly damaged or totaled in the crash
  • The insurance company offers a lowball settlement for the bodily injury claim
  • The claimant has been temporarily or permanently out of work due to recovery from the collision or permanent injury/disability

After a recent road crash in Sacramento, California, left you injured, you may wonder if your collision was severe enough to call a personal injury lawyer. If you have any doubts about your claim, you should contact the best attorney in your area for assistance. Even if you do not need a lawyer to resolve your claim, it is useful to have a free consultation with a California personal injury attorney to receive advice on how to move forward.

Should I Hire an Attorney for a Traffic Collision That Wasn’t My Fault?

If you were injured in a recent motor vehicle crash through no fault of your own, you should retain legal counsel. The reason is that insurance companies may not always be fair when it comes to settling bodily injury claims. Therefore, do not assume that the insurance carrier will cover all your losses in connection with accident-related injuries if you were not at fault for the incident.

An experienced attorney can communicate and negotiate with insurers on your behalf. If liability is disputed for the incident, your injury lawyer can conduct an independent investigation into the crash and work with expert witnesses like an accident reconstructionist to properly determine fault. Unlike insurers, your attorney will have your best interests in mind every step of the way.

When is it Too Late to Hire a Lawyer for a Sacramento Car Accident Case?

It is typically too late to retain legal counsel for a personal injury case if a claimant has signed a release or already accepted a settlement from the insurance carrier. In such situations, there is not much a Sacramento personal injury lawyer can do to help an injured party. Therefore, you should not delay and contact an attorney right away. Your lawyer will know the best way to build your accident case for you.

Is There a Deadline on Personal Injury Claims in California?

The state of California has a statute of limitations on cases of personal injury. There is generally a two-year deadline for personal injury cases arising from accidents, according to CCP 335.1. If a claimant does not accept an insurance settlement and does not file the case in civil court to protect the statute, they may lose the right to seek financial recovery for their losses. Contact an attorney to ensure you do not miss the deadline.

Is it Expensive to Hire an Attorney for a Personal Injury Case?

Most attorneys, such as ours from, work on contingent fee agreements. This means that your attorney only gets paid if they obtain a successful result in your personal injury case. The costs of legal representation usually go up if the case moves forward into litigation. For more information, contact our legal team for a free case evaluation.

Can I Settle a Claim Without a Lawyer?

While it is possible to settle a bodily injury claim without an attorney, the insurance company may make the recovery process difficult for claimants. Insurers may devalue, delay, or deny claims as a way of protecting their profit margins. A Sacramento personal injury attorney, like ours from, has the experience, skills, and resources necessary to build the strongest case possible for full compensation.

When you work with our law firm, we will gather evidence associated with your crash, file the necessary paperwork, and calculate economic and non-economic damages. Most importantly, we will take the case to court if we cannot reach an agreement with the other side through insurance negotiations. Learn more about us and our services by scheduling a free case evaluation or watching this video.

Importance of Medical Treatment After an Accident

Above all, your health should be your priority after getting injured in a motor vehicle collision. If you did not receive treatment at the hospital following the crash, be sure to schedule an appointment with your primary care provider immediately and note any symptoms you have experienced. Gaps in treatment or failure to follow orders from the treating physician may impact your case. Therefore, do not delay and get medical treatment right away.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento Today

The aftermath of a motor vehicle collision may be stressful and overwhelming, to say the least. When dealing with mounting medical expenses, lost earnings from missing work, and trying to get your life back on track, a bodily injury claim may be the least of your concerns. However, these claims may help you seek reimbursement for your injuries and damages. Learn more by contacting our Sacramento personal injury attorneys for free, friendly case advice at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400.

Since 1982, our California personal injury attorneys have assisted countless individuals and families seek justice and full compensation after experiencing traumatic motor vehicle collisions caused by the negligence of others. Learn more by visiting our Settlements and Verdicts page or reading our client reviews on Avvo, Google, and Yelp. We are honored to be featured in various legal organizations, such as the Top 1 Percent and Million Dollar Forum, for our successful results and excellent service.

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