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Big Rig Hits Caltrans Tractor on Road Shoulder

On Monday morning, October 11, 2021, one man sustained major injuries when a semi-truck crashed into the Caltrans tractor he was operating. The driver of the big rig driver reportedly was not injured.

Vacaville Big-Rig Crash Injures Two

On Tuesday, February 18, 2020, two people suffered injuries during a Vacaville big-rig crash. The collision involved two vehicles and took place in the northeastern area of the city. Both injured individuals were taken to local hospitals to receive treatment. According to officials, both crash survivors were expected to recover from their trauma. The Vacaville Police Department (VPD) is currently investigating the accident.

Truck Accidents in Vacaville

California sits between one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country and the Sacramento Valley, where a huge amount of produce is grown. Furthermore, the city is located on one of the country’s most important highways and serves as a gateway to eastern states for goods coming in and out of Bay Area ports. Altogether, this means that Vacaville sees a high amount of large commercial vehicles on local roads. Because these massive trucks are such a common sight, local drivers may want to learn these statistics on truck accidents in Vacaville.


Big Rig Accident Near Vacaville Closes Interstate

I’m Ed Smith, a Vacaville truck accident lawyer. A collision near Vacaville between a big rig and two motor vehicles on August 28 resulted in lane closures in both directions. My best wishes and prayers go with those involved in the crash that any injuries were slight.


New Rules in Solano County for Driver’s License Suspension

I’m Ed Smith, a Vacaville truck accident lawyer. An agreement was reached on August 8 that settled a lawsuit filed in 2016 citing a California practice of suspending a person’s driver’s license if they were unable to pay traffic fines.

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