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I Bought a Defective Product – Now What?

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September 12, 2022
Edward Smith

Protecting Your Claim Against a Defective Product

When you buy a product, you trust it will perform as advertised. Whatever product you buy shouldn’t cause you harm. Unfortunately, many products consumers purchase can be harmful such as auto parts, medications, appliances and toys. A dangerous product may be released into the market for a variety of reasons, including unclear instructions, faulty manufacturing, unlisted side effects, and design defects. The following tips provide steps for an individual harmed by a defective product to help them get the compensation they deserve.

The Defective Product Should Not Be Used Any Longer

When you realize that a product such as a tool, medical appliance or others is defective, stop using it immediately. By discontinuing using it as soon as possible, you are less likely to cause further harm to yourself.

Immediately Seek Medical Attention After an Injury

Injuries should be treated as soon as possible. Your family physician or the emergency room can not only treat your serious injury, but also provide documentation that supports your compensation claim. Medical records are crucial in product liability cases. A treatment plan will be provided by your doctor. Follow it exactly. Failure to follow through with your treatment could lead to the loss of your product injury claim.

Preserve the Defective Product

The defective product should not be thrown away. It is important for you to keep it, and store it as proof of your injury. Take videos or photos from all angles if you need to return the product. A close-up of the usage instructions and warnings and the manufacturing code should be included as well as photos of all sides of the box and your receipt for the purchase. This evidence simplifies the process of claiming damages.

How Your Accident Injury Occurred

The reason for your accident and what caused your injuries must be provided to prove liability. Medical records, witness statements and photos can all help document your injury.

Consult a Lawyer Who Handles Product Liability Cases

In the event of an injury, you should seek the advice of a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You should speak with an injury attorney before taking any actions that could jeopardize your case so that you know what to expect. Acting quickly increases your chances of success. 

Your attorney can help you in this regard. In addition to helping you gather evidence and other documentation that you were injured by the defective product, your lawyer will also assist you in proving your damages and reporting your accident to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Keep in mind that a number of parties may be held liable for your accident injury, from the manufacturer, retailer and designer to others.

What Your Lawyer Does to Help You Recover Damages 

In order to determine what grounds you have to sue, you need the help of your accident attorney. The lawyer can check for recalls or work to determine what caused the defective product. They can identify which parties to hold legally responsible for your injury, collect the evidence needed to support your claim and calculate what damages you should receive.

Personal Injury Damages

A personal injury claim can include compensation for medical bills, future care if necessary, pain and suffering and mental and emotional distress. Your injury may also result in lost wages or a diminished ability to work, which can also be compensated. To achieve your legal goals, your lawyer will explain what to expect and work with you to develop the best legal strategy for your case.

Sacramento Products Liability Lawyer

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