Kidde Smoke Alarm Recall

Recall Targets Defective Home Smoke Alarms

Many different types of consumer products may end up being subject to recall for defects in design and/or manufacture. While some of those defects may result in products that simply don’t work as intended for the person who purchased them, other defects may place the user in actual physical danger. And when the product being recalled is one that is specifically intended to keep us safe from other sources of significant danger, the potential for injury or death is even greater. This is the situation involved in a major Kidde smoke alarm recall just recently announced.

Who is the Manufacturer Behind the Kidde Smoke Alarm Recall?

Founded in the United States during World War I by Walter Kidde, the company initially focused on shipboard fire detection systems and fire extinguishers for the Navy and industrial settings. It then expanded into manufacturing a wide variety of devices, particularly portable fire extinguishers, which remain its best-known products. (And which themselves have been the subject of recent safety recalls.) The company is headquartered in North Carolina and is owned by Carrier Global Corporation, a well-known heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturer.

What is the Scope of the Kidde Smoke Alarm Recall?

Last week, the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission posted a recall notice for more than 225,000 smoke alarms manufactured by Kidde. The specific models include:

  • 2040-DSR Smoke Alarm
  • 2050-DS10 Smoke Alarm
  • 2060-ASR Smoke Alarm
  • 2070-VDSCR Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • 2070-VASCR Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • 2070-VDSR Smoke Alarm
  • 2070-VASR Smoke Alarm

The Kidde smoke alarm recall involves these models that were mostly sold in 2019 and 2020. They were sold through a variety of retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot.

What Problem Prompted the Kidde Smoke Alarm Recall?

Obviously, these devices are intended to function to warn users of the presence of smoke (and/or carbon dioxide) to protect their health and lives. Smoke detectors are crucial safety devices – a study by the National Fire Protection Association of home fires from 2009 through 2013 found that the presence of working smoke detectors in homes reduced the frequency of deaths by more than half.


Unfortunately, some of the Kidde devices have failed to properly provide warnings as they should. Although no known deaths have resulted as yet, the obvious safety hazard posed by defective smoke alarms has prompted the CPSC and Kidde to issue the recall. The units are not entirely dysfunctional, so owners are advised to continue using their current smoke alarms while waiting for replacement units to install.

According to Kidde, the units have “TruSense” or “Amber = Fault” printed on their front side, and the model numbers shown above are printed on their rear side. This image provided by the CPSC shows the location of these logos on the different models.

Kidde has provided a webpage with instructions for submitting claims to receive free replacement units.

Watch this video from Consumer Reports that describes the importance of home smoke detectors, how they work, and how they are tested:

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