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Many On-the-Job Injuries Result from Defective Machines

Far too many American workers are seriously injured or even killed while at work. Workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state, and while these laws often provide significant compensation to injured workers, the “workers comp” system often does not cover all the same damages and/or does not cover them to the same degree that direct personal injury claims and lawsuits are able to. An experienced personal injury attorney will therefore look carefully at any potential workers’ compensation claim to determine if there are any elements for compensation that may be pursued separately from the work comp claim. Defective machines that cause on-the-job injuries are one significant cause of work-related injuries where products liability personal injury claims may be pursued in tandem with work comp claims.

Is There Amazon Product Liability for Sales Through Third-Party Fulfillment Programs?

Several different parties may bear liability when a defective product results in personal injuries. These will typically involve the designer and manufacturer of the product, wholesale distributors, as well as retailers who directly sell the product. With “brick and mortar” retailers, it’s clear who is selling the product — we’ve actually walked through the doors of their local store, picked the product off a shelf, paid for the purchase, and taken the product home to use. However, with online market sites — especially the biggest online seller, Amazon — it can be much less obvious who the “seller” is from a legal perspective. That often results in the question, “Is there Amazon product liability for a defective product that was purchased through – but not necessarily ‘sold by’ — Amazon?” This question becomes more urgent when considering a recent complaint about flammable children’s pajamas sold through Amazon.

Most attorney’s  representing an accident victim, focus on the behavior and driving of their client and the other driver. Occasionally, there might be focus on what happened before the accident to contribute to it. Perhaps the roadway was not maintained correctly resulting in a buildup of ice, or perhaps there was a defect in road design.

In Catastrophic injury cases, however, its important for an attorney to check out the condition of the vehicle after the collision. Many many serious injuries result when a car rolls over on its roof. Studies have shown for about $100, car manufactures can put in supports that prevent the roof intrusion into the passenger compartment on most occasions.

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