Roof Crush Accidents result in Catastrophic Injuries

Most attorney’s  representing an accident victim, focus on the behavior and driving of their client and the other driver. Occasionally, there might be focus on what happened before the accident to contribute to it. Perhaps the roadway was not maintained correctly resulting in a buildup of ice, or perhaps there was a defect in road design.

In Catastrophic injury cases, however, its important for an attorney to check out the condition of the vehicle after the collision. Many many serious injuries result when a car rolls over on its roof. Studies have shown for about $100, car manufactures can put in supports that prevent the roof intrusion into the passenger compartment on most occasions.

Many years ago, Federal standards required roofs to stand up to 1.5 times pressure from the weight of the car. Many continued years of carnage on the roads have led to pressure to move that standard to 2.5 times the car’s weight for all cars and trucks over 5,000 lbs.  Car Manufacturers are united in fighting this increased standard even though they know it would save thousands of lives.

When roof pillar fail, there is deep intrusion into the passenger compartment of the vehicle often causing severe spinal injuries, brain injuries and death,

If you’ve been in an accident with roof crush causing serious injuries its important to immediately retain an experienced roof crush lawyer who can obtain the car for inspection and testing before it is salvaged.

Roof Crush  is often overlooked. It should be one of the first things reviewed in any serious accident.

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