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November 18, 2023
Edward Smith

Recall Issued for Kia Borrego SUVs to Address Airbag Safety Concerns

Kia is conducting a recall affecting nearly 23,000 Borrego SUVs, all from the 2009 model year. This recall also encompasses later Borrego models exclusively sold in U.S. territories. The reason behind this recall is a potentially hazardous situation involving the side airbags. There is a risk that a metal part may detach and pose an injury threat to vehicle occupants in the event of a crash where the side airbags deploy.

The issue centers on an improperly attached headliner plate, essentially a bracket securing a fabric interior trim piece to the interior roof of the vehicle. According to documents submitted by Kia to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it was discovered that insufficient adhesive was utilized during the manufacturing process, leading to an insecure attachment of this critical part. Kia initiated this investigation into the Borrego following similar reports of faulty headliner plates in the Kia Optima sedan, which was recalled last year due to the same problem.

Although Kia has received only one complaint concerning a Borrego headliner plate detachment without any injuries, a driver of a 2012 Kia Optima sustained injuries when a headliner plate detached during a crash, as detailed in documents provided to the NHTSA by Kia.

Kia dealerships will promptly address and resolve this concern by securely securing the headliner plates at no expense. The vehicles subject to this recall were produced between May 2, 2008, and January 20, 2009.

Perils of Defective Airbags: Risks to Vehicle Occupants

A defective airbag in a vehicle can pose grave dangers to drivers and passengers alike. Airbags are a critical component of modern vehicle safety systems, designed to inflate rapidly upon impact and provide a cushioning effect during a collision, thereby mitigating injury risk. However, when an airbag is defective, it may fail to deploy when needed or, conversely, deploy unexpectedly, even in non-accident scenarios. In cases where an airbag fails to deploy during a crash, occupants are deprived of a crucial safety measure, increasing the likelihood of severe injuries, including head, neck, and chest trauma. On the other hand, an unexpected airbag deployment can startle and disorient the driver, leading to a loss of control over the vehicle, or it may cause injuries due to the force of the airbag inflating. Such defects highlight the critical role that properly functioning airbags play in protecting lives on the road.

Another danger associated with defective airbags is the potential for shrapnel release during deployment. Some airbags have been found to contain faulty inflators that can rupture upon deployment, propelling sharp metal fragments into the cabin. These metal fragments can cause severe injuries or fatalities, turning what should have been a life-saving device into a perilous hazard. The widespread recalls related to these defective airbags have underscored the seriousness of the issue and the importance of promptly addressing any airbag-related recalls or concerns to ensure the safety of vehicle occupants. NHTSA has recently investigated the manufacturer, ARC Automotive, Inc. In the initial decision finding issued in September 2023, NHTSA determined safety defects exist in certain passenger and driver-side airbag inflators manufactured by the company.

Watch the following video from WTHR News to determine if your vehicle is part of an airbag recall.

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