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Treatment Options for a Traumatic Pneumothorax

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. Traumatic injuries that someone could suffer in a car crash are quite varied. Many of them can be life-threatening. Today we will discuss a traumatic pneumothorax, also known as a collapsed lung. Depending on the size and the severity of this injury, someone could die from lack of oxygen in a matter of minutes. A recent review article was published discussing the possible treatment options for this injury.

How does a Collapsed Lung Develop?

Hospitalization and Nursing Home Abuse

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer. Unfortunately, people’s bodies break down as they age and sometimes family members are unable to care for their loved ones. Under these circumstances, many people will rely on a nursing home to provide professional medical and caretaking services for their family members and friends. Sometimes, these nursing homes can abuse this trust and privilege, possibly leading to hospitalization.

Examples of Nursing Home Abuse

Epidurales Haematom.jpg

Brain Bleeding in Children is a Serious Problem

I’m Ed Smith, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento. In recent years, there has been a significant amount of focus on traumatic brain injuries and the various brain bleeds, particularly in adults; however, these can also be serious problems for children. When children suffer some form of neurological insult, it can have adverse effects because their brains are still developing. For this reason, a team of researchers took their talents to the databanks to try and draw some conclusions regarding bleeding of the brain in children.

How do Brain Bleeds Occur?


Local Doctor Arrested for Sexual Assault

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Sexual Assault Lawyer. When people go to their physician, they trust this person with the most sensitive, personal, and private details of their life. They depend on this person to look out for them, not to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to a patient of a local doctor.

Not The Reason For The Visit

brain injury

Numerous Complications Can Happen With a Traumatic Brain Injury

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto Brain Injury Lawyer. A traumatic brain injury can occur in a wide variety of ways and can manifest with a number of different symptoms; however, traumatic brain injuries also have the potential to cause chronic complications that an individual and their family will have to deal with. It is best to understand some of these complications in case they arise.

Memory Loss Can Happen

Northwest Crown Fire Experiment.png

Rebuilding After California Wildfires Can Be Hard for Burn Victims

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. The recent wildfires in Northern California have caught the attention of everyone. We are saddened by the devastaing injuries, deaths and property damage created by these raging infernos. We extend our prayers and hopes for a swift and full recovery to all those trying to move forward with their lives.

With the path of destruction that has swept across large swaths of the state, many residents are looking at the area wondering what comes next after a disaster like this. For many, the healing process can be challenging, particularly for those who have been uprooted from their homes and are suffering from burn injuries.

Deerfire high res edit.jpg

How to Provide Assistance to Burn Victims

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. Almost everyone knows somebody who has been impacted in some way, shape, or form by the recent swatch of despair and destruction left by the California Wildfires. While some families have been displaced to a new area, others may have lost everything. It is important to come together and provide assistance to those who need it.

Food and Shelter is Needed for Burn Victims

WTMP Shutters 29.JPG

Del Paso Heights Office Needs to Chill

I’m Ed Smith, a Del Paso Heights Personal Injury Lawyer. Without a doubt, there are some bad people out there who intend to do harm to others. These individuals need to be sought out and found by local authorities so that they can be prosecuted and brought to justice; however, jaywalking hardly fits this bill. With this in mind, why would the local authorities feel it appropriate to throw one of them to the ground?

An Overreach By The Local Authorities

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Time of Day Impacts Injury Recovery

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. Among the injuries that someone can sustain in a traumatic accident, burns are among the most severe. These injuries can leave permanent scars that can have a negative impact on someone’s life. Therefore, it is helpful to have a prognosis regarding how long these injuries can take to heal. A recent research paper found that wounds heal more quickly if they develop during the day.

How Do Burns Happen?


Pressing Issues Facing Those with Chronic Pain

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Chronic Pain Lawyer. There are countless people who struggle with chronic pain every day. Those with severe symptoms may find it challenging to even get out of bed in the morning, let alone go to work or exercise. Unfortunately, for those who deal with chronic pain on a daily basis, there is a war being waged against their healthcare providers, creating a stigma against patients who have chronic pain.

Politicization of Chronic Pain as a Healthcare Problem

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