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How to Practice Lane Splitting Safely

How to Practice Lane Splitting Safely

I’m Ed Smith, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Sacramento. Lane splitting, filtering, white lining or lane sharing are all terms used in California when a motorcyclist rides between the lanes of traffic. California is the only state that allows this practice. However, the question remains of how to lane split safely.

Lane Splitting by Motorcycles in California

Sacramento Big Rig Versus Motorcycle Accident Fatality
Big Rig Versus Motorcycle Accident Fatality

On Monday, December 14, 2015 a big rig versus motorcycle accident fatality occurred on Highway 50 in Sacramento.

The tragic incident took place, as the motorcyclist and big rig were travelling eastbound on Highway 50, close to the 15th Street off ramp.

As a Sacramento Brain Injury Attorney, as well as a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, I am frequently asked by both clients and non-clients alike about what to expect if asked to give a deposition.

You may, or may not be a Justin Bieber fan.  I personally like Jackie Greene and Mumbo Gumbo.  But you should definitely not be a fan of Justin Bieber’s deposition style!

How to Prepare for a Deposition a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Attorney, and Sacramento Brain Injury Lawyer, I have represented many people over the years who have suffered horrible spine injuries.  Injures to the spinal cord can be devastating both to those who have suffered the trauma, as well as their loved ones.

Next Generation Wheelchairs Helps People with Spinal Cord Injuries

I am thrilled to learn that the next generation in wheelchairs is helping people stand up whenever they want, thanks to a new robotic device called Tek RMD.  The new technology is a Segway-like device which allows people with spinal cord injuries to stand and move upright.

cranioMy law firm has represented many people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a vehicle or motorcycle accident.  As a Sacramento Brain Injury Attorney my office is experienced in helping represent individuals who have endured a head injury due to no fault of their own.  As a Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Attorney I have unfortunately seen many people suffer horrible head trauma, most notably, depressed skull fractures.

Most patients with a depressed fracture of the skull which has been properly treated recover rapidly and completely.  In the majority, brain damage is limited to the immediate vicinity of the fracture, and this precludes prolonged unconsciousness with its attendant hazards, unless there is in addition a blunt (acceleration) component to the injury.

Complications of Depressed Skull Fractures

health insurance in personal injury claimsMy personal injury law firm has represented a great many people over the years who have been injured in motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents.  One somewhat difficult aspect of the profession is determining, and measuring, how much pain any one individual suffers as a result of injuries caused by trauma.

The Complexities of Measuring and Defining Pain

Pain is difficult to define.  Aristotle considered pain as the equivalent of unpleasantness and opposite to pleasure. Spinoza regarded pain as a focal form of sorrow which he considered one of the three primary emotions. He thought of pain as an emotion opposite to pleasurable excitement and “related to a man when one of his parts is affected more than.the others; melancholy, on the other hand, when all parts are equally affected. ” Keele has summarized the history of man’s ideas of the anatomical and physiological basis of pain.  In current scientific usage ”pain” carries the Spinozistic notion that the unpleasant feeling is specifically localized to some place or places in the body.

Workplace Slip-and-Fall Injuries resulting in injured wrist
My personal injury firm has represented a great many people over the years who have suffered very serious nerve damage as a result of motor vehicle collisions.

We are excited to learn that a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, Princeton University, and Johns Hopkins University has figured out how to use 3D printing for nerve growth.

3D printing might be used to regenerate nerves

I have represented many, many people over the years horribly injured in catastrophic collisions.  Few are more heartbreaking than the loss of a limb.

Robotic Hand Wired Directly Into Brain Can ‘Feel’ Again

I am excited to learn that a new advanced robotic hand that is wired directly into the brain has been successfully tested, allowing a paralyzed man to “feel”.  The hand, developed by the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, is part of a research project into advanced replacement limbs funded by the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

biker-407123_640I have represented a significant number of clients over the years injured in motorcycle accidents.  As such, I am always interested to learn about new gear and safety devices that might help diminish, or prevent, injuries commonly suffered by people involved in these often horrible collisions.

New Motorcycle Airbag Jacket Deploys When Accident Detected

Motorcycle wear company Dainese recently announced a jacket, called the Misano 1000, that includes a built-in airbag and all of the tech necessary to automatically know when to deploy it.  The jacket works by activating its sensors 800 times a second to monitor their wearer. When they detect an accident, the jacket will inflate about two inches in the areas where an airbag is present, with the intention of protecting the wearer’s collar bone, chest, and back, as well as keeping strain off of the neck.

Head_CT_scanRecognizing a post- concussion syndrome (PCS) case is often the most difficult aspect of representing people suffering a closed head injury.

Assessment of such cases requires attorneys and intake staff to understand the basic aspects of the medicine behind such injuries, the sympotomolgy that often accompanies these injuries, as well as to recognize how to develop the damages in the case. One key aspect in evaluation of a PCS case is the understanding that the potential client may not be able to aid in recognizing or developing your understanding of the injury the he or she has sustained. As a result of their injuries, PCS clients are generally unaware that they have sustained a closed head injury nor do they appreciate the impact of the injury upon their lives. In many cases the consequences of such an injury are quite subtle and difficult to detect in casual conversation.

Concussions Common in Motorcycle Accidents

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