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Intracapsular Hip Fracture

There are multiple types of hip fractures. The hip, like other bones in the body, is divided into numerous parts. Some common types of hip fractures include an intracapsular hip fracture, a subtrochanteric hip fracture, and an intertrochanteric hip fracture. If someone has been diagnosed with a hip fracture in the intracapsular region, this can lead to severe complications down the road.

Vitamin B Linked to Hip Fractures

A recent research paper shows that taking high doses of vitamin B supplements might lead to an increased risk of hip fractures. Notably, this study focused on two specific types of vitamin B, B6, and B12. Most people receive their vitamin B from their everyday diet. This vitamin plays a critical role in the development and maintenance of numerous processes throughout the body.

Hip Fracture Mobility Research

The University of Maryland School of Medicine recently published a research article regarding hip fracture mobility. According to the report, over a quarter of a million people in the United States suffered a fractured hip every year. It can be a challenge for people to regain their mobility following a broken hip. This is a debilitating injury which can lead to severe, permanent changes in someone’s ability to walk, run, or even get out of bed.

Associated Injuries with a Hip Fracture

The hip is a ball and socket joint. In this joint, the head of the femur sits in a socket that is formed by the pelvis. This pelvic socket is called the acetabulum. A hip fracture can take place anywhere within this ball and socket joint. Some of the most common ways that someone might sustain a fracture of the hip is in an auto accident, a bicycle accident, or even a fall from a great height. These fractures commonly present with an inability to walk, severe bruising at the top of the thigh, and a possible limb-length discrepancy. When someone has been diagnosed with a hip fracture, several associated injuries might also be present.

What is a Hip Spica Cast?

A hip fracture can be treated in different ways, and one of the options is called a hip spica cast. This type of cast is used by orthopedic professionals to keep the hip and thigh still if someone has injured their upper leg. In particular, a hip spica cast is used for hip and femur fractures in children.

Physical Therapy for Hip Fracture 

Once someone has been diagnosed with a hip fracture, they will probably be placed in a cast for several weeks. The cast will immobilize the hip joint, giving it time to heal. During this time, the muscles of the hip will not be used. As a result, the joint is going to feel stiff once the cast comes off. The muscles will have atrophied and people are going to feel weak. Therefore, hip fracture physical therapy will play a major role in completing the recovery process.

car accidentHip fractures most often occur in front end impacts. There are several types of hip fractures. Some fractures near the femur bone and joints may affect the pelvis. Besides fractures, there can also be extensive bruising and/or dislocation of the hip joints.

Every hip fracture is painful. Treatment may be surgical or non-surgical.

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