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January 30, 2015
Edward Smith

car accidentHip fractures most often occur in front end impacts. There are several types of hip fractures. Some fractures near the femur bone and joints may affect the pelvis. Besides fractures, there can also be extensive bruising and/or dislocation of the hip joints.

Every hip fracture is painful. Treatment may be surgical or non-surgical.

If the fracture is surgical, the surgery is usually performed within 48 hours followed by around 5-6 days in a hospital. After that, there may be 4-6 weeks of subacute care in a rehabilitation facility followed by another month of rehabilitation.

Hip fractures are expensive injuries and if they occur to the elderly can be especially deadly.

Care for these fractures is very expensive, another reason to have high uninsured/under-insured motorist insurance limits or a personal umbrella policy that provides UM/UIM coverage.

The best thing one can do if he or she has a rib fracture is to move as soon as possible after the surgery. Any kind of weight bearing activity encourages the bones to heal more quickly.

Slowly  and gradually increase the weight put on the hip. Try to do frequent short walks. You will need physical therapy and its important to be fastidious at not missing sessions.

Diet wise, make sure you are taking in a lot of protein, calcium and foods with Vitamin D. All these increase the chances of healing.

Socially, try to go out and meet people. Isolation can be a result of a serious injury like a fracture, and studies show that isolation and a lack of social contact increases your risk of death.

Some tips from my past clients with hip fractures.


-Wear an apron to put things in. It leaves your hands free for balance.

-Use a bathtub stool with nonslip mats.


– Buy a long handled “Reacher” to grab nearby things


-Avoid waxing the floors as long as you can. You don’t want to fall with a fractured hip!


– Be aware of where your pets are at all times. It’s easy for them to get underfoot and with you’re bad hip, you can’t avoid them as you used to .


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