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September 19, 2019
Edward Smith

Hip Fracture Mobility Research

The University of Maryland School of Medicine recently published a research article regarding hip fracture mobility. According to the report, over a quarter of a million people in the United States suffered a fractured hip every year. It can be a challenge for people to regain their mobility following a broken hip. This is a debilitating injury which can lead to severe, permanent changes in someone’s ability to walk, run, or even get out of bed.

The goal of the research article was to explore potential interventions and treatments that can be performed at home to help people regain their mobility after a fractured hip. The results show that home-based treatments can be an effective way of helping someone regain their mobility following a serious hip fracture.

The Design of the Research Study

The researchers recruited more than 200 patients over the age of 60 who were recovering from a fractured hip. Hip fractures are most common in elderly individuals whose bones are starting to weaken, leaving them susceptible to fractures from a wide variety of traumatic events. The researchers divided the patients into two groups. The first group received training that was focused on aerobics and strengthening exercises. This group also underwent balance training. The second group focused on a range of motion exercises and received nerve stimulation. Both groups also received multiple weekly visits from a physical therapist and counseling from nutritionists on dietary interventions that can strengthen the bones, making them less susceptible to repeat fractures.

The Results of the Hip Fracture Mobility Study

Following the 16-week treatment process, the researchers tested the individuals to see if their mobility had improved. To do this, they timed both groups to see how far they can walk in six minutes. When these groups repeated the test after the treatment course, both groups showed that, on average, they can walk farther in six minutes than they were able to before the study. The difference between the groups was not statistically significant. Therefore, the researchers concluded that home-based treatment plans can have a significant impact on the recovery of an individual following a hip fracture. Those who can resume their daily activities will have a much-improved quality of life.

A Shift in the Treatment Plan of Hip Fractures

This research indicates that home-based therapy for individuals following a hip fracture can be effective. A well-rounded treatment plan should focus on aerobic endurance, strengthening exercises, and balance training. These exercises are effective when combined with the help of a physical therapist. Dietary counseling is also important so that individuals know how to strengthen their bones, reducing the chances of a repeat injury.

As the number of individuals suffering a fractured hip continues to increase, it is becoming more critical to help them recover. For people to maximize their chances of healing, it will be essential to put together a comprehensive home treatment plan.

Watch YouTube Video: Best Home Exercises after Total Hip Replacement: Critical Exercises. This video demonstrates some important home exercises that can help those who had hip surgery.

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