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brain injury

Support for Traumatic Brain Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Rocklin personal injury lawyer. Nobody plans on sustaining neurological damage in a car accident; however, even the smallest collisions can lead to some serious symptoms that might have lifelong consequences. When a head injury occurs, it can be helpful to remember these tips.

Rocklin Bucks for Bikes

Rocklin Bucks for Bikes

I’m Ed Smith, a Rocklin personal injury attorney. Rocklin is a fast growing part of the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. Rocklin was originally settled by Finnish immigrants. The town still features Finnish Temperance Hall and Finnish Picnic Grounds. With more people moving in all the time, there’s a younger, urban feel to the city. More people, more cars. This makes me a big fan of Rocklin Bucks for Bikes program.

Rocklin area auto accident
Rocklin Area Auto Accident

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that several lanes were blocked on westbound Interstate 80, just east of Highway 65 near Rocklin, as a result of an auto accident involving multiple cars.