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Rocklin Gun Store Owner Upset

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August 15, 2016
Edward Smith

Rocklin Gun Store Owner Upset

I’m Ed Smith, Rocklin Personal Injury Attorney. Rob Adams, the owner of a gun store, is upset after the city of Rocklin requested that he remove the recently installed concrete barriers outside his gun store called the Sacramento Black Rifle.

Adams said a construction company generously donated the freeway barriers also known as K-Rails.

The K-Rails were delivered by way of 18-wheeler truck and a large front loader. K-Rails are extremely heavy.

Violation of City Code

The city of Rocklin indicated the K-Rails are a violation of city code.

Rocklin Police Department Chief Ron Lawrence explained that Adams is blocking a portion of sidewalk and a few parking stalls.

Owner Trying to Prevent Smash and Grab

Adams indicated the idea is to prevent another smash and grab crime, like the one that took place at a similar gun store in July. In that incident, thieves broke into and stole multiple guns in just under 5 minutes.

Despite fines from the city of Rocklin, this is an appropriate solution, Adams said.

Code Violation Fine Beats the Alternative

Adams would rather take the fine than have a 3,000-lb. car smash into his gun store. He claimed that could run about $50,000 — not to mention having all those guns on the street. He would prefer to endure the fines issued from the city.

Lawrence understands why Adams responded with the concrete barriers the way he did and even applauds his attention to security. Yet, Lawrence wants Adams to go about things the right way. Lawrence said the concrete barriers “just don’t look right”. He believes it sends a bunker mentality and under siege message which does not appropriately reflect the community of Rocklin.

City Prefers A Decorative Security Barrier

The city is asking Adams to install security barriers like the ones outside the Rocklin Police Department. The city believes the barriers should serve as both decoration and protection.

Adams responded by indicating he will not install a different type of barrier, unless the city of Rocklin pays for it.

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