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When summer comes, many Californians can be found on the lake or river enjoying the thrill of tubing, skiing, snorkeling, or jet skiing.  The hot summer months understandably also mean an increase in the consumption of ice cold beer, margaritas and daiquiris.  If anyone of us have been to a local dock at any nearby river or lake during the summer months we are familiar with the fact that nearly every boat on the water has an igloo full of such thirst quenching beverages. Let’s face it, boating and alcohol use is a common occurrence.

However, boat owners (and boat drivers) want to especially be cognizant of the use of alcohol while using the boat to engage in water sports.  While the consumption of alcohol while boating is common in the boat community, California case law does not rule favorably in this regard nor share the sentiment held in the boating community.

Whenever there is a defect in the skin or a non-vital section of skin, such as from burns or other damage resulting in scars, it needs to be replaced with a partial or full thickness skin grafting. Skin generally covers the entire body and protects underlying tissues from damage and infection. It also provides thermoregulation via skin temperature changes and radiation of heat through the skin. Restoring a normal skin border is the purpose behind skin grafting.

Skin grafting was performed two millennia ago in India but wasn’t popular in western medicine until almost two hundred years ago. Grafting was found to speed healing and reduce fluid loss from major wounds and burns. Grafting makes wounds look better and reduces scar contraction. Wounds that extend to bone must be grafted because bone does not cover itself with tissue or skin.

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