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Marysville Traumatic Car Accident Data

Marysville is an excellent place to live. With a friendly, unique community, more than 15 public parks including the beautiful Ellis Lake, and easy access to both natural areas and the metropolitan center of Sacramento, Marysville is truly an idyllic city. However, even in the best cities, there is always the risk of being involved in an accident if you drive, bike, or walk on public roads. Marysville is no exception and has seen numerous traumatic accidents over the last decade. Those who frequently make use of roadways in Marysville can reduce their risk of being involved in a crash by learning about how accidents typically happen in their area.

Dangerous Marysville Intersections

Dangerous Marysville Intersections

Dangerous Marysville Intersections – Marysville is a relatively small city with less than 13,000 residents. However, the city serves as the seat of Yuba county and is situated on major area highways. Because of these factors, Marysville sometimes sees a heavy flow of vehicle traffic, and where cars drive, there is always the risk of vehicle accidents. In some cases, there is nothing that a driver can do to avoid an accident. However, drivers can reduce their chance of being hurt during a collision by learning about how vehicle accidents tend to happen in their area. Residents of Marysville may be interested to know the below statistics about dangerous roadway locations in their city.


Marysville Upcoming Events

I’m Ed Smith, a Marysville personal injury lawyer. With the onset of summer, come enjoy events that bring together families and members of the local community here in Marysville. These are all great opportunities to meet people who live near you and make new friends. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, take a look at the events below and enjoy a day out with mom.

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