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Marysville Head-On Collision Causes Major Injuries

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November 28, 2022
Edward Smith

Accident on S.R. 70 Injures Three People

A head-on collision involving multiple vehicles occurred in Marysville on November 24, injuring three people. The collision occurred around 1:55 p.m. on northbound S.R. 70 just south of Chandler Road. One of the vehicles involved in the accident ended up crashing into a pole, according to the incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Three People Transported to Hospital With Major Injuries

Another driver who was behind the traffic collision reported that her window was shattered during the crash. All three of those who experienced trauma from the crash suffered major injuries and were airlifted to a hospital for treatment. The roadway reopened around 3:00 p.m. An investigation is ongoing by the CHP to determine fault in the accident and discover how it happened.

A Head-On Collision Commonly Causes Major Injuries

In traffic accidents, head-on collisions are among the most deadly. Upon impact, the speeds of the two vehicles are combined. It is as if a car was traveling at 120 mph when it collided with a wall if both vehicles were traveling at 60 mph when they crashed. An accident of this kind can result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

Causes of a Head-On Collision 

Major injuries or fatalities are often caused by head-on collisions. These types of traffic accidents frequently occur when a driver goes up the wrong highway ramp or one-way streets in cities, but they also happen in rural areas:

  • Drivers are crossing the double-yellow line, as well as passing unsafely.
  • As the driver passes on a hill, he does not have a clear view of the oncoming traffic.
  • Distracted drivers text or change their radio station and drift over the centerline without realizing it.
  • Leaving a side road without looking causes a vehicle to collide head-on with another.
  • A major injury accident occurs when a driver, drunk or under the influence of drugs, is behind the wheel of a vehicle.
  • Overspeeding behind a slower vehicle causes the speeder to lose control and go into the opposing lane.

Following an Injury Accident, You May Be Entitled to Compensation

The at-fault driver must be investigated so that evidence can be gathered to support the claim for compensation. In order to collect that proof, our investigators take the following steps:

  • It is important to review the police report thoroughly to ensure that mistakes will not affect the client’s compensation claim.
  • In order to assess the cause of the collision, investigators interview witnesses. Some may have used their cell phones to record the accident as it took place.
  • To determine whether any evidence of the accident is present in the area, traffic cameras are checked. If the accident has been recorded, a subpoena may be served.
  • The vehicles’ initial positions and how they collided are determined through accident reconstruction.

Marysville Personal Injury Lawyer

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