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Are you tired of cooking at home? Sick of fast food? Good news – plenty of local restaurants are still open for curbside pickup and/or delivery in the East Sacramento and Midtown areas. The restaurant business is notoriously tough to begin with, and the quarantine situation has made it infinitely tougher. By simply enjoying delicious food and drinks, we can help support Sacramento businesses as they work to stay afloat.

phantomThere is often residual pain after surgical amputation.  Some of the most common reasons for an amputation are: trauma, such as vehicle accidents or combat injuries, and complications from diabetes or vascular disease.  In most cases involving non-amputation surgery, patients have some post-surgical pain which is a normal part of the healing process.  The pain usually lessens as tissues repair themselves.  In cases of surgical amputation, however, the decrease of pain may not be the case.  Certainly there is the typical reduction in acute post-surgical pain, but amputees often continue to experience lingering sensations.  Those sensations may be painful, but they aren’t always.  Some patients simply describe the sensations as annoying and strange.

There are different types of sensations reported by amputees.  Each may be treated in a different manner.  It is important for a patient to describe the sensations to his or her doctor in order to get the most beneficial medication or therapy.

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