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Berkeley Pedestrian Injuries Leaves Two Women in Critical Condition

Berkeley pedestrian injuries occurred when two women were out walking shortly after midnight on January 4. According to police, both are in critical condition after the accident and are being treated at an area hospital. The driver, a Berkeley resident, 81, stayed at the accident scene and cooperated with police in the investigation. No arrest was made in the incident, which is being investigated by authorities with the Berkeley Police Department as to cause.

Berkeley Multiple Vehicle Crash

A Berkeley multiple vehicle crash occurred along Interstate 80 on Friday, December 7. The accident shut down the five lanes moving westbound east of Ashby Avenue. Injuries were reported in the crash by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). However, the specific nature of the injuries was not reported as of the time of this report. Six vehicles, including a big rig, were involved in the crash, which occurred at about 11:00 in the morning.

Upcoming Community Events in Berkeley

Upcoming Community Events in Berkeley

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley car accident lawyer. Berkeley is a beautiful city with diverse cultural practices, making it a hot spot for tourist and residential activity alike. With summer being right around the corner, it’s no wonder that Berkeley is bursting at the seams with events. Below, I have collected a small list of upcoming community events in Berkeley, California.

Berkeley Community Event Calendar

Berkeley Community Event Calendar

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley car accident lawyer. Berkeley is a passionate community of college students, environmentalists, and visionaries. You can take a step back in time by checking out the Berkeley Art Museum or you can look forward to the tech-savvy future by attending a virtual reality meetup. No matter how you choose to spend your time, there’s always something interesting going on in Berkeley.


Road Rage Leads to Injuries on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley car accident lawyer. An argument that escalated into road rage occurred in Berkeley on October 19, causing injuries to one man when he was intentionally struck by the driver of another vehicle. The Berkeley Police Department released a video captured by a cell phone of the alleged perpetrator of the crime and is seeking his whereabouts. The police department warns any potential persons with information to not approach the subject themselves but instead to phone 911 or the homicide unit at the police department.

berkeley dui checkpoint

Berkeley DUI Checkpoints

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley car accident lawyer. Accidents due to drunk driving are common and often turn deadly. Berkeley is taking steps to end drunk driving with DUI checkpoints such as the one on October 29-30 where Cedar Street meets San Pablo Avenue. The use of DUI checkpoints has been lauded by some as an efficient way to curtail drunk or drugged driving.


Four People Injured in Berkeley Marin Circle Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley car accident lawyer. A wrong way driver left four people injured on Marin Circle in Berkeley on Tuesday, September 26. At the present time, there is little information about the crash, however, an update was issued on September 28 by the Berkeley police.


Garbage Truck Draped Over Median After Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley car accident lawyer. An accident about a half-hour’s drive from Berkeley between a garbage truck and several vehicles along Interstate 280 on August 10 caused injuries. Traffic was blocked on both sides of the highway until 9:00 at night after a second crash while trying to remove the truck from the accident scene it breake loose from the tow truck.

Driving Drunk in Berkeley Hurts Everyone

Driving Drunk in Berkeley Hurts Everyone

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley car accident lawyer. Every year, people face accident injuries and wrongful deaths of loved ones due to drunk drivers. Between the years of 2003 and 2012, 10,327 Californians died in a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of all accident fatalities are due to impaired drivers.


Berkeley Bicycle Ride Sharing Program

I’m Ed Smith, a Berkeley car accident lawyer. The City of Berkeley announced a new bike ride sharing program on July 12 that it hopes will make it simpler for people to connect with transit stations as well as other bike sharing programs in Emeryville and Oakland.