Berkeley Pedestrian Injuries Leaves Two Women in Critical Condition

Berkeley Pedestrian Injuries Leaves Two Women in Critical Condition

Berkeley pedestrian injuries occurred when two women were out walking shortly after midnight on January 4. According to police, both are in critical condition after the accident and are being treated at an area hospital. The driver, a Berkeley resident, 81, stayed at the accident scene and cooperated with police in the investigation. No arrest was made in the incident, which is being investigated by authorities with the Berkeley Police Department as to cause.

Berkeley Pedestrian Injuries Details

The accident reportedly happened as the women were walking across Martin Luther King Jr. Way where it intersects with Stuart Street. The women who were injured were identified as Judy Appel, who is the president of the Berkeley school board and her spouse, Alison Bernstein, who is an attorney who works in the public defender’s office for the state. They were only one block from their home in South Berkeley when the accident happened.

Motorists and Berkeley Pedestrian Injuries

Even though a pedestrian may be obeying the rules of the road, using a crosswalk and watching for vehicles, an accident can still occur. In most cases, the motorist is at fault due to driver error. Some of the ways drivers can be negligent include:

  • Running a stop sign or red light is a major cause of accidents between motorists and pedestrians.
  • Speeding means that the driver has insufficient time to stop and prevent Berkeley pedestrian injuries or may spot the walker too late.
  • Drowsy driving contributes to pedestrian accidents because the driver is not alert enough to notice a pedestrian in the crosswalk or might even fall asleep behind the wheel.
  • Distracted driving causes many injuries and fatalities every year. From talking or texting on a phone to chatting with other passengers or eating while driving, any action that takes the driver’s eyes and concentration from the road is dangerous.
  • Aggressive driving or road rage means that a motorist is driving recklessly. A number of actions by an aggressive driver can lead to Berkeley pedestrian injuries or fatalities.

Government Entity Claims for Berkeley Pedestrian Injuries

While weather can be a contributing factor in Berkeley pedestrian injuries, lack of proper maintenance and design defects in the roadway or intersection can cause a problem for walkers. The time to file against a government entity is different than for other types of cases, so contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer for help ensures that the claim will be handled before the time expires. Problems that may be present and contribute to an accident include:

  • Road defects such as potholes, heaved and cracked pavement can all cause Berkeley pedestrian injuries.
  • Inoperative traffic lights can lead to an accident.
  • Inadequate lighting can be a real problem because motorists may not be able to see pedestrians crossing the street.
  • Shrubbery or overhanging limbs that obscure a walker’s vision can lead to Berkeley pedestrian injuries.

Berkeley Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorney

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