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Vallejo Skateboarding Injury Lawyers

Skateboarding Injuries

When walking, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or traveling by another means of non-vehicle transport, such as a scooter or skateboard, the potential for injury as the result of a collision with another traveler on the roadways can be very great indeed. Few bicyclists, skateboard, and scooter riders, and almost no pedestrians, regularly wear helmets or other protective gear or clothing while using these means to get around. For adults, there is no legal necessity to do any sort of protection while using a bicycle or skateboard, even though both of these can reach fairly high speeds themselves and their riders are extremely vulnerable if exposed to a meeting with an automobile or other motorized vehicle. Groups like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggest the use of helmets – and perhaps knee pads and other equipment – when operating a bicycle or skateboard.

Vallejo Coastal Cleanup Day Needs Volunteers

I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo Personal Injury Lawyer. The community of Vallejo is encouraging its residents to come out, roll up your sleeves and get busy helping at the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. Why? Because the beach can’t take it anymore!

Vallejo Neighborhood Speed Bump Request

I’m Ed Smith, a Vallejo Auto Accident Attorney. A local mother in Vallejo has been reaching out for support from members in her local community. The mother desires an integrated speed bump for her neighborhood street for the safety of her children and her neighbors. For this way, motorists in her neighborhood are not speeding and causing hazards to pedestrians.

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