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September 17, 2016
Edward Smith

Vallejo Skateboarding Injury Lawyers

Skateboarding Injuries

When walking, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or traveling by another means of non-vehicle transport, such as a scooter or skateboard, the potential for injury as the result of a collision with another traveler on the roadways can be very great indeed. Few bicyclists, skateboard, and scooter riders, and almost no pedestrians, regularly wear helmets or other protective gear or clothing while using these means to get around. For adults, there is no legal necessity to do any sort of protection while using a bicycle or skateboard, even though both of these can reach fairly high speeds themselves and their riders are extremely vulnerable if exposed to a meeting with an automobile or other motorized vehicle. Groups like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggest the use of helmets – and perhaps knee pads and other equipment – when operating a bicycle or skateboard.

32-Year Old Female Skateboarder In Vallejo Struck By Car on Sonoma Boulevard

On Monday afternoon in Vallejo, a woman coasting on her skateboard collided with an automobile near the intersection of Sonoma Boulevard and Georgia Street. Most details about the identity of the woman, as well as the operator of the automobile, have yet to be released to the public. We know that the skateboarding woman was 32 years old and a Vallejo native, that the motorist was a 34-year-old woman, and that the incident took place at just before 3:30 p.m. on Monday. It has also been reported that the vehicle in question was a nearly new 2016 Hyundai Sonata, which was traveling southbound on Sonoma Boulevard at the time of the accident. All information currently available comes from the Vallejo Police Department.

Skateboarder Suffered Head and Brain Injuries

We also have some information regarding the injuries sustained by the woman as a result of the crash. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, first responders found the woman who had been riding the skateboard in fairly dire condition: she had suffered a severe head injury and was initially completely unresponsive to the medics attending her. She continued, however, to breathe. After some emergency on-the-spot measures in an attempt to stabilize her condition, the victim was prepared by the first responders to be transferred for further attention to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. At the time of this article, she remains under close medical watch there and her condition is reported as “critical”. It remains unclear exactly what sort of injuries she will be dealing with if she pulls through and emerges from the hospital, but they are likely to be long-lasting and involve brain damage.

Vallejo Police Investigating

Vallejo Police Department has the task of investigating the crash. No conclusions have yet been reached regarding the relative fault of the individuals involved or the presence of any other accentuating circumstances which might have been partly responsible. Witnesses interviewed in the hours after the accident, however, have been quoted to the effect that the woman who rode the skateboard was traveling at a high rate of speed and frequently veering between different lanes. The Vallejo Police Department is yet to corroborate these claims.

Necessity of an Independent Investigation

It usually takes a week or more for the investigating agency to prepare a report of their findings. It is important to note that police reports are often in error on inconclusive as to the cause of a collision. This can leave the loved ones of those who have been seriously injured (as is the case with this skateboarder) with many unanswered questions. It is crucial to contact an experienced injury lawyer who can conduct an independent investigation. Experienced injury lawyers know how to properly investigate pedestrian accidents and determine the sequence of events leading up to a crash.

Vallejo Skateboarding Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

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