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smokedetectorPersonal injury and/or death can occur due to negligence related to installation and/or maintenance of smoke alarms and sprinkler systems.  We often hear in the news terrible stories of a family living in an apartment suffering injuries or death due to the absence of working smoke detectors.  It can be easily assumed that in all such cases there follows a lawsuit against the landlord, apartment owner, and/or the maintenance staff.

While cases such as the above capture the public’s attention, there are many other ways in which a finding of negligence could attach to a responsible party.  They include, but are not limited to:

Design, placement, installation defects.  An example of this includes failure to have an appropriate fire system in place at the time of the fire.  With regard to placement, if a heat or smoke detector is placed too near where a ceiling and wall come together, especially if that area is over a door, the heat and smoke could be diverted and bypass the detection unit completely.  A unit may be installed incorrectly, which renders it useless to detect or protect.