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It is not uncommon for those involved in a traumatic event to experience an array of emotional reactions. Working in a personal injury law firm, I meet people who have lost movement in their limbs, lost their limbs, experience disfigurement, suffer brain injury and some clients have to deal with the  loss of a loved one due to a life altering event.  Additionally, if a person was relatively healthy but then must deal with chronic pain for the rest of their life, emotional trauma can follow.

Emotional trauma manifests itself differently in people.  Some symptoms of emotional trauma may include:

When a person is injured in an automobile accident, the physical injuries and time spent at a doctor’s office, or laid up on pain, will no doubt take an emotional toll on the injured party.  Physical injuries, especially if they are severe, can be detrimental to marriages, friendships, recreational pursuits, careers and well-loved hobbies.  The hope is always that the injured person will be able to return to doing all the things he or she loved to do before the injuries caused a disruption.  But what about that period of emotional disturbance – the stress, anxiety and sadness?   Are those conditions that a negligent party should pay for?  Sometimes – and almost always when there are severe and disabling physical injuries involved – the answer is a most definite yes, and a lawsuit will include a claim for “emotional distress”.

Other times, the answer may not be as clear.  A decision whether to pursue emotional distress damages is best made in tandem by the injured party and his or her attorney.

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