Hickory, NC USA- July 24, 2006: Firemen trying to extinguish the fire where an old F-86 plane crashed off the end of the runway at Hickory, NC airport

Wilton Plane Crash After Takeoff Injures Four

Four Injured in Wilton Plane Crash Shortly After Takeoff

A plane crash in Wilton occurred on October 14, shortly after takeoff from the Alta Mesa Airport, causing injuries to the four people on board, including one woman who is pregnant. The airplane crashed close to Alta Mesa and Blake roads after briefly going airborne and then dipping to the left before it went into a dive. Upon hitting the ground, the plane burst into flames, as well as starting a minor vegetation fire. The four people on board, a male, pregnant female, and two teenagers were initially listed in critical condition with burn injuries but are expected to survive.

Witness to the Plane Crash Runs to Help Out

A witness to the accident, Steven Scharf, said he was in his pickup and heard a noise and saw the aircraft crash into the yard of a nearby home and burst into flames. He then ran toward the crash with a fire extinguisher and assisted the man in exiting the plane. He said the woman and two teens had already gotten out. 

Good Samaritan Helps Injured Man Out of Plane

Scharf reported that the man on board was crawling from the flames with a broken leg. The injured man was life-flighted out. The good Samaritan said his only thought was that it was important that the people on the plane be alive and safe and that he couldn’t sleep if he saw a man burn in front of him. 

Four People Hospitalized After Tragic Plane Crash

The woman and teens involved in the plane crash were taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment of minor and moderate injuries as well as burns on their arms and hands. A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration said the make and model of the airplane is unknown at this time. The accident will be investigated by the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board to determine how it happened.

Why Light Planes Crash

Nearly four light planes crash on a daily basis in this country, and serious injuries or fatalities are common. Among the reasons a private plane crashes are:

  • Pilot error causes many crashes involving a private plane.
  • A medical event occurring to the pilot can lead to a plane crash.
  • Engine problems that cause the airplane to go into a stall can cause the pilot to lose control.
  • Lack of appropriate training or certification can lead to an accident.
  • Weather conditions such as rain, sleet and wind shear can contribute to a plane accident.
  • Failure in one of the system components can occur and lead to a plane crash. In some cases, a defective part or instrument may be the cause, which means the manufacturer or others can be held responsible through a product liability lawsuit.
  • Improper maintenance of the plane can lead to an accident, and if the person responsible for the airplane’s upkeep was the cause, they may be liable for any injuries or fatalities in a crash.

Investigating a Plane Crash

Our legal and investigative teams work with federal and state authorities to determine what caused a plane crash. Evidence enables those who are injured or have lost loved ones to place a claim to recover damages. Some of the areas of investigation include:

  • The federal crash study is reviewed to determine why the accident happened and see if a defect in the plane was responsible.
  • Inspectors check repair and maintenance records to ensure the plane was properly maintained and in good flying condition.
  • The air traffic control log is examined to see if an error caused the plane crash.
  • The background of the pilot is checked, along with certifications and flight hours.
  • Data recorded on cell phones and the plane itself are examined.
  • The inspectors review data from the flight log or black box.

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