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May 10, 2022
Edward Smith

Kit Plane Crashes Near the Golden Gate Bridge

Two Sacramento residents lost their lives in an airplane crash on May 6 near San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The deceased woman was identified as Jennifer Lynn Fox, age 52, and the man who died in the plane crash was the pilot, Michael B. Briare, age 57, according to the Marin County Sheriff. The occupants of the plane were in a single-engine Vans RV-10 when the National Park Service reported the emergency beacon had been activated around 2:15 p.m. northwest of the bridge above Conzelman Road. 

Heavy Fog Might Have Contributed to the Airplane Crash

The aircraft the two people were in was a kit plane that can be constructed privately. The duo had taken off at Sacramento Executive Airport during the morning, and the emergency beacon went off about an hour later. The planned destination of the plane was not reported. The plane’s wreckage was discovered around two hours later in an area of heavy fog. The accident investigation will be conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which have jurisdiction over airplane accidents.

Investigating a Fatal Aircraft Crash

Local authorities and first responders work with investigators from the FAA and NTSB to determine how an airplane crash happened. Those investigations focus on the following:

  • Photographs and videotapes of the crash scene are preserved to use as evidence.
  • The debris field and angle of impact are plotted on charts because they can help determine what may have happened to cause the airplane crash.
  • Interviews are conducted with eyewitnesses to the airplane crash because it can be helpful in determining what happened.
  • The airplane is reconstructed using salvaged parts, which identify what pieces are missing or damaged. This type of evidence can indicate what went wrong and where.
  • Upon recovery, the black box from the wreckage tracks the instrument readings, tower communications and power settings. 
  • The plane’s flight record, including previous trips, is examined.

Crash Factors for Private Planes

In the United States, approximately four crashes involving private aircraft occur each day. A significant number of these accidents result in injuries or fatalities. However, the crash rate for amateur-built planes isn’t much higher than for those that are built in a factory. Here are some of the leading causes of a fatal plane crash involving a hand-built or another private airplane:

  • An airplane crash can be caused by a sudden medical issue.
  • This flier may not be approved for the given conditions, and the pilot may not have received adequate training.
  • Plane crashes are less common due to pilot error than many other factors but they still happen.
  • The weather can lead to plane crashes if it snows, rains or is foggy.
  • The failure of a system component can be caused by a defective part in the plane.
  • The pilot of the aircraft loses control due to an engine failure.
  • An accident caused by poor or improper maintenance can be fatal. The mechanic who performed the maintenance could be held responsible for the accident.

An Investigation Into a Fatal Plane Crash

When an airplane accident results in a fatality, works with local and federal authorities to find the cause. Families of a decedent who died in a plane crash may wish to take action when negligence is determined to be the cause of death. If it was, the family may wish to file a claim for wrongful death. In addition to bringing them a sense of closure and justice, it will prevent them from facing financial issues and help the family move forward.

Sacramento Airplane Accident Lawyer

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