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September 07, 2022
Edward Smith

Fatal Accident off Christensen Road When Plane Crashes in Orchard

Authorities said two people were killed in a small plane crash in Sacramento County near Galt on September 4. The accident was reported to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) around 9:13 a.m. at an almond orchard located near the intersection of Christensen and Twin Cities Road. The low-wing monoplane, a Beechcraft Baron 58, crashed in the middle of the orchard. 

Plane Crash Being Investigated

The location was difficult for firefighters to access due to water areas, and they were forced to swim across one spot to get to the light plane. 

The two people on board the aircraft died at the crash site, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. Officials have recently identified the decedents as Richard Jean Michel Conte, 68, of Orangevale, and Kenneth C. Mueller, 56, of El Dorado Hills.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the reason for the plane crash along with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Causes of Deadly Small Plane Crashes

Small plane crashes are not as common as car accidents, but they can be just as deadly. Small planes have a higher fatality rate than commercial jets.

There are a number of reasons why small planes may crash, including weather conditions, pilot error, mechanical problems and fuel issues. In some cases, a combination of factors can contribute to a crash. For example, a plane may be more likely to crash if the pilot is inexperienced and flying in bad weather.

Dangers and Risks of Airplane Travel

Airplane travel is one of the safest forms of transportation, but it’s not without its risks. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, the risk of dying in an airplane crash is about 1 in 11 million. Some dangers of a small plane crash include:

  • One of the most dangerous aspects of flying is pilot error during the take-off and landing. These are the times when most crashes occur, due to the fact that there is more movement and turbulence during these phases of flight.
  • There are other dangers to consider as well. For example, turbulence can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. 
  • When a component of the plane is defective or fails, it can cause a plane crash.
  • Engine failure is rare, but it does happen. If an engine fails, the plane will lose power and could crash.
  • Poor maintenance of the aircraft can cause a plane crash. 

There may be multiple parties who are liable for a small plane crash, including the pilot, the plane’s owner and the manufacturer of the aircraft or its parts. A lawyer can help you identify all of the potential defendants and build a strong case against them.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim After a Small Plane Crash

Don’t wait to get help after a small plane crash. There are strict deadlines for filing a claim, and if you miss the limit, you may be barred from recovery. An injury lawyer can make sure your claim is filed on time and help you pursue the full amount of damages that you are entitled to.

If you have lost a loved one in a small plane crash, you may be entitled to recover damages for your loss by filing a wrongful death claim. Damages in aviation accident cases can include funeral and burial expenses, lost wages and income, pain and suffering and more. An aviation accident lawyer can help you get answers to these questions and hold the responsible parties accountable financially.

Sacramento Airplane Accident Lawyer

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