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Law Enforcement Authorities Disperse Massive Sideshow

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February 02, 2024
Edward Smith

California Agencies Disperse Large Sideshow

To maintain public safety and combat the growing menace of illegal sideshows, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol (CHP), and the Sacramento Police Department joined forces recently to disband a significant sideshow event that had gathered in the Sacramento area.

Disruption of a Large-Scale Sideshow

The sideshow, drawing around 600 participants and spectators, swiftly ended as deputies from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office and CHP officers arrived at the South Watt Avenue and Manlove Road intersection. This location had attracted participants engaging in what is typically a hazardous and disorderly activity. Throughout the operation, citations were handed out, arrests were executed, and numerous vehicles were towed away to ensure accountability for the individuals involved and to safeguard the community.

Unprecedented Sideshow Activity in Rosemont Neighborhood

The Rosemont neighborhood of Sacramento County witnessed an unprecedented gathering for a sideshow event on the same evening. The noise generated by an estimated 600 participants and onlookers prompted concerned neighbors to call law enforcement.

The sideshow occurred at a parking lot near the light rail station at Folsom Boulevard and Watt Avenue, creating a significant disturbance in the area.

Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Sideshow

To address the situation and ensure public safety, law enforcement officers blocked both entrances to the location and issued citations to those involved in the sideshow activities. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office assisted the California Highway Patrol in their efforts.

According to reports, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office issued citations to a handful of drivers. At the same time, the CHP stated that they issued over 40 citations, towed away three vehicles, and arrested one person during the operation.

The Importance of Combating Sideshows

Sideshows have become a growing concern in many communities, and law enforcement agencies are taking a firm stance to address them. Police say these meetup groups are happening throughout the city and county.

Sideshows often involve reckless driving, stunts, and other activities that put both participants and innocent bystanders at risk. They have gained notoriety through social media and have been known to disrupt neighborhoods, posing a danger to public safety.

Reporting Sideshow Activity

Law enforcement authorities urge the public not to engage with sideshows if encountered. Instead, individuals are encouraged to remain in their vehicles, if possible, and to document relevant information such as license plate numbers and vehicle descriptions. This information can then be reported to 911 to assist law enforcement.

The CHP also highlights that spectators at sideshows can be arrested for aiding and abetting. At the same time, drivers involved in such events may face arrest and have their vehicles impounded for 30 days.

The collaborative efforts of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, CHP, and the Sacramento Police Department reflect their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of their communities by cracking down on illegal sideshow activities. Law enforcement continues to work diligently to address this issue and protect participants and bystanders from the dangers posed by sideshows in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

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