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March 16, 2015
Edward Smith

Limb Loss Support Groups

Support groups have flourished over the years including for limb loss injury victims. Support groups provide many benefits for individuals and have become an integral part of rehabilitation for many people coping with an injury including amputees. Support groups provide vital information about how to cope with a particular illness or injury and provide invaluable emotional support.

Limb loss presents a myriad of physical and emotional challenges for the amputee as well as his or her family and friends.  A support group provides a compassionate setting for members to share what he or she is going through with others in a similar situation. Finding a support group in the area you live in is the first step in getting the support you need.  According to the Amputee Coalition of America (ACA), there are approximately 260 support groups for amputees across the United States. Information and a member directory can be found here.

Most members of support groups for amputees are women and medical professionals such as physicians, physical therapists, and prosthetists also attend.

Amputee support groups throughout the California region can be found here.

Stumps ‘R Us, is a social support group founded by Dan Sorkin. in Walnut Creek, Calif.  This group helps amputees learn to accept their amputations and move on with their lives. The group encompasses lectures and social activities such as going out to lunch. Other activities include bowling or swimming.

In Redlands, CA, The Amputee Connection of Redlands, helps people with limb loss enhance their overall well being.

Some of the Sacramento, California area support groups include:

Sacramento Amputee Support Group

Taking The First Step – a support group provided by AOP (Anchor Orthotics & Prosthetics) calendar of events can be found here.

Losing a limb is a devastating life-changing event, both physically and emotionally. Limb loss injury victims require a lifetime of rehabilitation and life care planning assistance.

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