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Car Crash Head Injuries

Car crash head injuries can range from minor to severe. They may be closed injuries, in which the skin is not broken, or open injuries where the skull is damaged or punctured. In a car accident, they may be caused by the driver striking the steering wheel, impact with the windshield or with another part of the vehicle. Anytime anyone suffers a head injury in a car collision, they should go to the emergency room or doctor to have it assessed. Some car crash head injuries have delayed symptoms, so care is important right away to establish a record in the event compensation is pursued.

Dangerous Truck Part Recall by Ford

A dangerous truck part recall involving almost 900,000 vehicles was issued recently by Ford Motor Company. It followed the discovery of a faulty heater cable in the engine block in F-150 and Super Duty models. The faulty heater cable could start a vehicle fire, according to the automaker. However, the risk exists when the heater cable is plugged in and the vehicle parked. The company reported that they had received three reports of fires in Ford trucks due to this splice connector, and only one caused minor damages. Ford said they didn’t believe any accidents or injuries had occurred due to the defective part but were issuing a dangerous truck part recall anyway. 

Rosemont Multiple Vehicle Accident – A Rosemont multiple vehicle accident along Highway 50 on November 7, 2018,  resulted in numerous injuries, and one person was transported to a nearby hospital for further evaluation and treatment. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the collision was initially said to have involved three to four vehicles, which was upgraded later to seven cars. The CHP will be conducting an investigation into the crash to determine fault and how the accident occurred.

Rosemont Multiple Vehicle Accident Details


Crash Kills Elk Grove Mother, Children

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove car accident lawyer.  An accident in the vicinity of Rosemont on March 27, 2017, claimed the life of a 31-year-old woman from Elk Grove and her two children. The woman and her minor son, who was seated in the front, were killed by the crash. The woman’s baby, riding in the backseat, suffered serious injuries and was on life support at UC Davis before succumbing to his injuries.